Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Day 7 of Things I Love


I'll be the first to admit: I don't know much about boating. We don't own a boat and we don't exactly live on the water. Even if we did, I highly doubt the boat we could possibly afford would be the boat I'd be interested in. Also, Steven isn't nearly as into boats as I am. I can tell you, though, I love being on a boat in the open water, wind in my hair, sunshine kissing my skin.
I WISH I could say we spend our weekends yachting around or sailing the high seas. Occasionally we get down to my parent's place at Goose Creek and we always take their boat out for a ride. I'm determined to learn how to back the boat into the water one day.

And did you know it's my dream in life to REEL in a SAILFISH? Really.

Obviously the cutest sport fishing boat EVER. I see it time to time down at Atlantic Beach. Hopefully this summer we'll take a charter!

As I mentioned before, Steven and I are planning to go to Martha's Vineyard + Nantucket. We will be sailing and whale watching and I'm hoping there will be cute sails to chose from!
This reminds me of the boats in The Italian Job or The Tourist. Classy!

mom and dad's SeaHunt

I did catch a King Mackerel a few years back on a charter out of Wrightsville! One of the best days ever.
This past summer Steven and I made an extremely sad attempt to rent Sunfishes at a local lake. We got stuck in a cove and couldn't catch the wind. Without getting into details, we'll just chalk this up to a Sail Fail. I was a master at these when I was 12, so I may just need a quick lesson to jog my memory next time.

First Mate.

Don't even get me started on boating fashion. Partially, why I love it so much. Do you have a boat?


Jules said...

My bestie's family has a 100ft yacht in Morehead, so if you're ever out that direction and we're there, you'll have to come visit. It's pretty much bananas!