Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Day 29 of Things I Love

A Weekend Gettaway...

especially with the husband.

We live smack dab in the middle of North Carolina, so boy do we like to explore.
From Wilmington to the OBX to Beaufort...Yadkin Valley to Blowing Rock to Asheville and anywhere in between. Venturing around the other states isn't so bad, either! 

from Elizabethtown

Imagine traveling in such style...LOVE.

We're off to Wilmington this weekend and I can hardly wait!

PS-YAY for my 100th Post! Thank you for all your sweet comments and for taking an interest in the Things I Love :) It really makes my day. February has been a wonderful month and I hope my little blog just continues to inspire you as you have inspired me!

Day 28 of Things I Love

A Fiesta

I gave this much thought, yall. I could have just said Mexican food, more specifically, chips & guac, but why stop there? My favorite snack: Chipotle's Chips & Guac. I must have it once a week! On my honeymoon, it was daily. Somtimes twice daily (our resorts version was just that good).
Mexican culture is one I've always been fascinated with as I've studied abroad in San Miguel de Allende. And I know Mexico isn't the safest of places to travel right now, but don't hate. I adore this quaint town as it will always be one of my favorite places on earth. It opened my eyes to a colorful place full of kind people. Not only that, the authentic Mexican dishes that I tasted were amazing. Paying a little tribute to all of that is something I love to do! Cinco de Mayo isn't too far away, either! My girlfriends threw me an amazing fiesta bachelorette shower including everything from the amazing menu to the pinata to the sombraro because they knew Steven and I were taking a trip to Playa del Carmen. Bright colors, amazing food, tequilla?! It's just too much fun!

All images via Pinterest

I leave you with a yummy & delightful bite:

Wontons (found near pre-made salads/organics in the produce section. They will most likely be Asian)
Taco Seasoning
Ground Beef/Peeled Shrimp
Salsa (fire roasted tomato salsa from the Teeter is key)
Tomato, Green Onions, Olives (not much of each)
Fiesta Cheese
Sour Cream

brown beef/cook up some shrimpers seasoned with Taco Seasoning
Set your wontons in a cupcake pan
Add a bit of beef to some, shrimpers to some
Add a scoop of salsa
Add a scoop of sour cream
sprinkle with tomato, green onions, and olives
sprinkle with fiesta cheese
Bake on 350 until cheese melts/wontons crisp!
Pop In Your Mouth!


Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Day 27 of Things I Love

Fashion Illustrations

I've always loved to doodle and design. Sketching has been something that I've practiced for years and years and to this day I continue even though I am my own worst critic. I got to learn a little bit about fashion rendering in Paris, but I had a hard time with hips, legs, and details! Maybe one day I'll share since we just got a scanner. Don't hold your breath, though!...In the meantime, swoon over these are beautiful illustrations of fabulous style and chic taste. Talk about talent...

First up, Inslee. I love the watercolors and attention to detail. wowzas:
Unmistakable Dior sketches by various artists:

Oui Oui! All vintage, of course. 
I picked up several postcards for framing when I visited Villa "Les Rhumbs"

Gadabout has seriously ahmazing work, website designs, and personalized notecards. (Which are on my wishlist): 

I LOVE Garance Dore. So close to my own sketching style, but so much prettier:

So French, right? Her post on Paris Skinny vs NY Skinny is certainly interesting. Yet another reason I'd like to move to Paris.

And lastly, a local oldtime favorite of mine is Mary Phillips. I love the fun birthday cards and sassy sayings!

Do you sketch? Should I share any of my own?