Monday, February 20, 2012

Day 16 of Things I Love

Southern Comfort Food

So, we're just going to ignore the fact that one of my all time favorite things is pretty much unhealthy. We like it smothered, covered, and fried. And, we're going to be OK with that because for the most part, I aim to watch what I eat. For as long as I can remember, after church Sunday lunch typically included fried chicken or country-styled steak, fresh garden vegetables, and biscuits. And of course some sweet tea to wash it all down. My family normally ate lunch at my grandmother's or a favorite spot in Rocky Mount which served all things southern gourmet. And any time we go to visit Steven's family, they are sure to have such a spread for Sunday lunch as well. While no one can ever compete with my great grandma Lila Sloane's butter beans & fried chicken, my mother in law comes quite close. To say that this kind of food means alot to us is an understatement, so it only made sense for us to represent our Southern ties on our wedding day:
Yes. That says Mac and Cheese Bar. We also passed Fried Green Tomatos and mini BBQ & Cole Slaw won-tons. YUM! We aim to please, yall.

 While home cookin and fresh veggies make all the difference,  Steven and I don't garden (yet). We also don't cook like this so we occasionally rely on local spots to fill our random cravings. We love the ode to a homecooked meal with a fancy twist. Thank God a new place just opened up near our home because Cracker Barrel just doesn't cut it.
 Rockwells does not dissapoint. They also serve breakfast all day and they have 6 fancy grilled cheeses to select from. The smoked gruyere mac n cheese was slap ya mama good! They source locally, so it's pretty amazing (yet not so amazing for my waistline)!

One of our favorite places is also Magnolia's in Charleston, SC. Magnolia's reminded me of The Carlton House, where my family ate after church sometimes when I was growing up. We also had lunch there just before Steven proposed in Battery Park. 

So my mouth is watering now...

What's your favorite food?!