Monday, February 27, 2012

Day 26 of Things I Love

Fresh Flowers

And what lady doesn't!? I love having some pretty blooms in the house to give a nice scent and to add some pretty. Even better when the hubby has bought them for me :)
My pinboard makes me insanely happy and ready for SPRING.

Little known fact: I once took a floral arrangement class while I attended a women's retreat and I feel like it unlocked an entire new passion... while I don't really have a green thumb (Our yard is total embarrassment. I'm praying the tulips we planted will bloom soon), I love the creativity behing mixing flowers and vases and the different colors and textures. I want to learn more :)
For our yard, succulents seem easy enough though...right?

What are your favorite blooms? 
Mine would be Peonies, as I carried them on my wedding day.