Thursday, February 23, 2012

Day 21 of Things I Love

Resort Wear

This oddly warm weather in NC has me stir crazy for summer! Please bring on the bright colors, big sunnies, and wide brimmed hats. Take me to the tropics, let me lay out under a palm tree, and hand me a cocktail! 
Considering I've only been to ONE resort in my entire life (on my honeymoon), I don't own a ton of resort clothes. Prior to Mexico, I had occasionally bought bold printed pants or dresses or Lily-esque attire, but here at our OBX and small beach towns, it seems like you've got to tone it down a notch. NC beaches are real laid back, so you'd basically look a bit over the top if you were bold, beautiful, and decked out to the nines on a Tuesday. In Playa del Carmen though? Totally OK. Honeymoon shopping was one of my absolute favorite things I've ever done. Plus it relieved some of the stress of planning the wedding. With that said, I had to do it on a very tight budget. After buying a few swim suits from VS, TJ Maxx & Julie's were my go-to shops. Accessories were key. Think you can't pack 6 hats + 12 pairs of shoes in a suitcase? Think again.

oh, hello, awkward self timer.

Next time we venture to somewhere in the tropics, I'll need some Trina Turk:

Love Her!!

And maybe I'll throw in one of these by Alice & Olivia:

Or maybe this DVF:

Then I'll raid Meg Braff's closet...

Friends, you can find me here...
Or here...

(Meg Braff for Coastal Living)
 I know, in my wildest sweet dreams...

However, I will snag one of these for our next vacay! 
Emily and I have known each other for many years (high school and college) and she's the awesome designer behind Southern fRock:

Do you have a vacay planned? Where to?! What are you packing?