Monday, February 13, 2012

Day 13 of Things I Love

Easy Entertaining

Steven and I love to host our friends. While I really enjoy going in with girlfriends to host things like baby or bridal showers and engagement parties, I love an easy-going get together. My girlfriends rotate months for a themed SupperClub Potluck, which always a great time. Steven and I tend to go low key when we have our friends over because we're laid back. And usually we grill out during the warmer months because we've got limited space inside so most of our entertaining happens then and it tends to get pretty casual. But just because you're laid back, it doesn't mean you can't try to make an evening in a little bit special. Here are a few essentials for being a fabulous hostess (with the mostess!)

1. Invites
For more official get togethers like showers or dinner parties, I typically prefer paper invitations and I'll either pick them out from a paper store or I'll order from the web, but for more casual dining, cocktails, bbq's, or birthday parties I'm a huge fan of The Paperless Post:

I'm dying to try my new Red Stamp App for real casual occasions and friendly hellos as well! These are savvy for the modern gal and sent through either text or email, but the same ettiquette of the RSVP definitely applies.

2. Munchies
Brie, fruit, crackers, and crutide with dip. My favorite is the Roasted Red Pepper from Trader Joe's. YUMMY goodness! When we grill out or even have guests, they tend to bring half the food, which makes it easier on us, but we always provide some staples.

3. A great playlist. We typically go with iHeartRadio or Pandora, but I'm probably going to be testing the waters with Spotify App soon to have a little more control over what pops up next.

4. Drinks
You pretty much can't go wrong with a fully stocked bar:
And lemonade or sweet tea 
But when all else fails, I go for the margs.

Or at least something equally as adorable with the best accessory-your smile!

6. Fresh flowers

They really make all the difference and as long as they're simple and pretty, you're good to go!

7. String lights, for when the sun goes down...

What are your favorite hostess tips?

Sugar Meg