Monday, February 13, 2012

Day 12 of Things I Love


I'm a sucker for thrift shops, GoodWill, the flea market, and consignment. Secondhand is NBD to a gal like me, as I'm forever on a budget. It really makes the hunt more thrilling, though. Patience is key. An eye for something spectacular is always helpful, and you can never get your hopes too high. No shame, right!? I've documented some of my faves herehere, and here, including faux bamboo nightstands, a Chanel scarf, Manolo Blahniks, and my monogrammed buttons. 
I have pretty awesome luck (occasionally)!
Other favorites..
Wool houndstooth Bergdorf Goodman skirt. Even came with a matching cropped jacket with gold buttons. It has an 80's boxxy shoulder thing going on...but I wear it on occasion.

Wool tweed Celine skirt (I had no idea what Celine even was and tried to google back when I found it with no luck, actually. I just absolutely loved the hardware and saw that it was French. Sold.) If only I could find a bag! HA.

My Foo Dogs will always be a fave!

Link me with your thrifty finds! Share below.