Monday, February 20, 2012

Day 17 of Things I Love

Lazy Days

It's not too often where Steven and I get to totally unwind, unplug, and just relax (together). It always seems like we're on the go or working on getting things done around the house (and STH works alot of weekends). I haven't even had time at home to blog since Wednesday! Yesterday we had a true lazy day with our sweet friends Steph & Josh and we snuggled and watched a movie while it rained and sleeted outside. It's so great to be unplugged and surrounded by your best of friends, their new babe, and a funny pup.  I love lazy days like this: 

 Sweet Norah Ray
roomies for life.


 um, melt my heart...we're not ready for a little bambino yet but this is probably the cutest indication ever that he's going to be a great dad one day :)
I could just eat her up!