Saturday, February 25, 2012

Day 23 of Things I Love

A Relaxing Bath

One thing that I have lost sight of doing lately is taking time for myself to unwind and relax. I'm hoping to re-attempt to do so in this upcoming week so I can get better sleep at night. I do love a steamy bubble bath though. It isn't complete unless there are candles, bath salts, soothing music, and a glass of red wine. When I get an iPad, it will be awesome to use this amazing case because I'd love to thumb through some online magazines. Preferably, in one of these calming spaces:

(knowing me, I'd totally stub my toes on those gorgeous wood chevron floors)

ahh..just looking at those images has me a little relaxed already.
Here are some essentials:

Bath Salts, Aveda Carribbean Therapy Soy Candles (ps- melt down and use as lotion), and calming oil. I became utterly addicted to Aveda when I worked at the institute. I seriously miss my discount!

Bubbles & a head rest.

I love this gorgeous bath shelf. Perfect for writing or reading.

Fresh Flowers & some Plum Pretty Sugar. My robe & pj bottoms are on the way (thank you, STH!)

This looks like an amazing basket of relaxation. What a perfect gift idea. I love the natural colors and the vino!! Diptyque candles are beautiful and considered a bit of an indulgence, but why not?

Rosemary Mint. Just smell it and you'll understand! Ahhh

So which is better...Shampoo or Conditioner?!



Elizabeth @ The Little Black Door said...

Rosemary Mint is my ABSOLUTE favorite!! I even used it as my 'calming scent' during labor. lol. How lucky that you got to work there!!

Meredith said...

I need the water proof iPad sleeve for the pool this summer! :)