Sunday, February 26, 2012

Day 24 of Things I Love


This is almost laughable if you've been in my house and opened any sort of closet or drawer. Or if you've taken a ride in my car. I have the best intentions to get organized and somehow when the week passes me by and I've been on the go, things just tend to get scattered everywhere. We've done a great job of being tidy lately and I've organized SOME spaces, but we're also great at shoving crap into closets and drawers. Woops. I'm always inspired to create processes of organization and these fabulous examples are all on my to-do list.
 We don't have our home office yet, but today we just got an awesome scanner & printer so we can start going paperless!! This closet desk is definitely a goal.
 I love this because our washer/dryer set up is very similar. Needs major help!

I recently bought a jewelry armoir, and it's been SO helpful!! 

images via Pinterest & Deliciously Organized