Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A Blissful Review-Part 1


Going into Blissdom, I really didn't know what to expect (except to be totally overwhelmed/intimidated--me being a newbie in a room full of wonderful, successful bloggers). I was a Nervous Nellie. Not only was I going to my first blogger conference, but I was going completely alone. Yikes. While I had made about five connections through the lovely world of social media prior to getting there, I honestly hadn't gotten a real chance to scope most of these ladies out through their own blogs! Turns out, that was OK (I guess). I checked into my hotel, which by the way, was amazing, and I dropped my bags off, freshened up, and headed towards the Registration. Into this new crazy world I went. 


As it turns out, my expectations were just kind of silly. And the ladies behind all these blogs are people, just like me-with big ideas, fun personalities, and they were going in just as I was. I'd compare it to freshman orientation at Meredith College. Or summer camp. I realized many people already had their buddies or thier clicks, and some people were like me and wandering around sort of solo. I basically gravitated towards two groups of gals, though- interior designers and "The Party Girls" (event industry). Having previously made a couple of connections, it definitely helped me recognize folks! I ventured into this with goals to meet them, but it all kind of accidentally happened. I recognized Aimee from across the hallway and then Courtney recognized me so we all got to talking and they invited me to lunch with a slew of amazing ladies. They know food and cupcakes and cookies, and they've all ventured into businesses about their passions. I love to entertain, so it was insightful to get a glipse into the world of parties. And following them on Instagram has already proven to be SWEET! Later, I literally bumped into Jana (interior decorator who I connected with on Facebook!), who was chatting with Chrissi, who was working on rebranding with Whitney English. Next thing I know, Whitney is in our group (I had no idea she was attending!) and we all went downstairs to chat with one another. I call it a "God Thing." I thought it may be nice to meet some of these women who were in such awesome professions, but I never expected to become included and welcomed! Especially on my first day :) Throughout the weekend, I continued to meet gals here and there who I had recognized. I attended some sessions with Meredith, who was hysterical and so fun to get to know! We linked up beforehand on facebook, because of a mutual friend. So, my takeaway on all these connections that I made would be that I met people who get blogging. Who get me and my creative ideas and who were SO encouraging. I have no doubt as I venture into interior decorating that Jana, Chrissi, and Holly will become mentors in some way. I was floored by each of them, in a great way. And I've already raved about Whitney, but seriously, I cannot wait to potentially go through some strategizing with her. She's a Godsend!

I'll be back tomorrow with Part 2- my takeaways from the sessions and the Keynotes!


Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Game Changers

Just a few things I'm majorly obsessed with at the moment:

The Mophie Battery case. Game. Changer. Up until about 2 weeks ago, I had an iPhone 4 that couldn't make it to lunchtime without only having about 15% battery left after an all night charge. I recently got the new iPhone5, equipped with the Mophie case (because I got a deal!), and I do not regret it one bit. The battery lasts much longer as it is, but by 5pm, if I need to freshin up the charge, we're good to go!

CLEARANCE - PINK 2013 Day Designer - A Strategic Planner & Daily Agenda for the Creative Entrepreneur

I got to meet the lovely Whitney English at Blissdom this past weekend and not only was meeting her a game changer for me, I won one of her Day Designers! This amazing planner has 8 pages of goodness that allow you to really think about and write down your goals, values, and so forth so you can chase your dreams. Of course, writing and doing are not quite the same thing, but I can certainly feel more motivated about each day when it's all in front of my face! I LOVE the layout of each page and each month. It's wonderful for creatives. Go get one on her etsy site!

More on my Bliss recap in a few. I spent the entire day yesterday focused on my take-aways and my experience. My fears, my goals, my obstacles. I'll be sharing some of those here!

Game changer #3:

Y'all. I'm dying! Do you see the awesome dragons and the chinoiserie flowers!? How pretty is this suit!? I have been on the search for about 2 years for a chic one-piece that isn't completely black. Thank you, Nanette Lepore! It's like she's reading my brain with all the colors and patterns here. The cut is also sassy! I may need to save my pennies a little and say prayers that it fits me and looks right, but I would love to have this for summer. 

Happy Tuesday, friends! I'm off to make mine super productive.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013



Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Master Bedroom Update

Sometimes stars just align in ways that are almost too good to be true. Recently, I used all my saved money from not shopping (and then some) to purchase a few things for our master bedroom makeover. With an exciting opportunity through work to get a few discontinued linens at less than cost + an employee appreciation event, I pulled the trigger on some ahmazing sheets, a new duvet, and a cozy coverlet with matching shams. Everything we had before will go into our guest room, and everything from our guest room will go to our studio apartment later this summer for our family visits (win-win!). I thought we had nice sheets from our wedding registry (and we did), but I had no idea what I was missing until I started working a fine linens store! I'm trying to get my mom on board with updating her bedding, too! (ahem!) So, when else in my life will I ever be able to deck out a bed and afford it? Um probably, I went for it and I don't regret it one bit. We will enjoy this and appreciate this for so many many years to come. Just around the same time I was making decisions on linens, an upholstered bed I had been wishing for showed up on Joss & Main, also half the cost of the normal price! Done and done! We've had this project on the backburner for a long while. I'm making it happen and I'm pumped that the ball is rolling. Here's what I'm going for :

I still need to purchase my throw pillows and then we'll decide on a paint color and drapery. Eventually we'll hang up some framed wedding prints and maybe even get a TV to mount on the wall. I've never been for a TV in the bedroom, but I don't hate the idea of Saturday mornings in bed with a movie b/c I'm never going to want to get out of it once we get all these goodies in place!

A great 2nd year anniversary, indeed (the traditional gift is cotton, so you see how those stars aligned, right!? Because, really, the last thing Steven or I needed was another shirt/sweater and I couldn't think of anything better than new bed linens)! Once the room gets pulled together and our new bed arrives, I'll get some actual photos done!

Is your bed one that you absolutely love? Did you know you spend about 1/3 of your life in bed? Why not invest in hotel-worthy coziness!? Call me crazy, but I think it'll be even good for our marriage!

Friday, March 15, 2013

TGIF & and some snippets!

When you fall off the blogwagon for a while, it can be tough getting back on. Where to start, what to share, especially when I have about 1,000 ideas and projects going, where do I begin?
 I will say, to be honest, for a while I had been in a bit of blog/life limbo and this space totally took the backburner. I enjoy blogging and I'm trying to learn more about the technical side of it and at least learn about photoshop so I can make things pretty! There are things about this blog that I'd like to change and spruce up. And due to some decisions I'm making in my life, I may need to actually start fresh and pick a new direction and switch over to a new platform and site...

My work is cut out for me! But... until then, SugarMeg is still kickin! 
As promised, a few more outfit posts from the last month. I don't think I took a picture of all 35, but I did it! No repeats and no shopping! Holding Finley helps me justify an outfit picture because I feel ridiculous! I also hated wearing the dresses/skirts because it was FREEZING most days. Thankfully, it's going to be 80 degrees this weekend! 
 big news, as mentioned last week, I've been working hard on some decorating jobs! Project 1 is Olivia's playroom. Project 2 is the Davidson house. Yes, house. It was recently renovated and designed around an East Hampton's beach home inspiration. It's GORGEOUS!  The project be slow moving and it will take some time, but my client is so hands on in the process and has been making decisions herself and it's great to collaborate ideas. I'm pretty excited about both opportunities, though! I'm trucking away with the playroom and I will be sharing some design boards here next week! 

I've also been prepping for Blissdom!! I got some blog swag, thanks to VistaPrint and that JPK bag I had been eyeing (fits my laptop perfectly & it was on super clearance at TJ Maxx!-good things come to those who wait!). I'm so excited to soak up the entire experience and learn, learn, learn!

And Finley has been calling lots of shots around here lately. 

Running him around and keeping up with his social calendar has been interesting!

Him and Dexter had a playdate this week and wore each other out! It was great.

And Finley's buddy, Sonny gets to come back to play with him next weekend when I'm gone. Steven will have his hands full!
No doubt he can handle it! : 

I hope y'all have an excellent St. Patty's Day this weekend! Here's my post from last year for some green inpsiration!


Friday, March 8, 2013

March Madness

This month has come in and I've hit the ground RUNNING. Which, I suppose is a great thing! Suddenly I went from having one part time job to FOUR! In the last week I was hired for 2 decorating jobs (!!!!) and asked to join the Komen Race committee. AND! Amarillo Magazine came to our house for a photoshoot for Finley because HE GOT 2nd PLACE in the CUTEST DOG contest!!! I'm beyond PUMPED! Thank you for voting!! Oh, and I did decide to go to Blissdom, which is just two weeks away! So, my work as been cut out for me in researching/understanding what all I'm throwing myself into with areas of life! On top of that, we had a blizzard last week, yet this week the temperatures are in the upper 70's/low 80's and my body has taken a hit. I have my fifth cold of the season, which is more than frustrating because I'm being forced to rest when my mind has been going a mile a minute (clearly). I'm still going strong with my 35x35 challenge, too. I will be honest- I'm sick of the pieces that I've been limited to wearing!! Probably because it's been so cold and I want to do is snuggle up in big sweaters and leggings (until this week). I'm so ready to mix in the rest of my closet with my wardrobe. I think the challenge will be complete next Tuesday (that will actually be the 40 day mark!) I'm sorry for getting behind on the outfit posts. I have a few on my camera that I need to upload, but just trust I've been trucking through with it all. Katie and Cassy have been holding me accountable! The not shopping part has been going just fine, but I already have my eye on a dress at Semblance that I may get for Blissdom and an upcoming wedding! Other than that, I've completely avoided clothing shopping, alltogether. With that said, I did get new bedding and a bed...Which was exactly the point of this! Hopefully things will arrive and be here just in time for our 2nd anniversary (traditional gift: cotton!). In other house related news, I've been spending copious amounts of time on Houzz and for my own projects and my clients. And speaking of Semblance, Robyn (who owns the boutique!) and I and another Amarillo blogger, Samantha organized a blogger happy hour last week! It was definitely fun and w'ere hoping to make it a monthly thing as we seek out more gals to join us. If I could only figure out how/when to blog more so I can call myself a blogger! Alas, I've got to run because I'm working nonstop the next couple of days and hopefully I'll be back next week with some exciting details about all this design stuff! If this was a whirlwind post of crazy sentences to you--well, welcome to my brain this week. I need to get it together.

Happy Friday, friends!