Friday, March 15, 2013

TGIF & and some snippets!

When you fall off the blogwagon for a while, it can be tough getting back on. Where to start, what to share, especially when I have about 1,000 ideas and projects going, where do I begin?
 I will say, to be honest, for a while I had been in a bit of blog/life limbo and this space totally took the backburner. I enjoy blogging and I'm trying to learn more about the technical side of it and at least learn about photoshop so I can make things pretty! There are things about this blog that I'd like to change and spruce up. And due to some decisions I'm making in my life, I may need to actually start fresh and pick a new direction and switch over to a new platform and site...

My work is cut out for me! But... until then, SugarMeg is still kickin! 
As promised, a few more outfit posts from the last month. I don't think I took a picture of all 35, but I did it! No repeats and no shopping! Holding Finley helps me justify an outfit picture because I feel ridiculous! I also hated wearing the dresses/skirts because it was FREEZING most days. Thankfully, it's going to be 80 degrees this weekend! 
 big news, as mentioned last week, I've been working hard on some decorating jobs! Project 1 is Olivia's playroom. Project 2 is the Davidson house. Yes, house. It was recently renovated and designed around an East Hampton's beach home inspiration. It's GORGEOUS!  The project be slow moving and it will take some time, but my client is so hands on in the process and has been making decisions herself and it's great to collaborate ideas. I'm pretty excited about both opportunities, though! I'm trucking away with the playroom and I will be sharing some design boards here next week! 

I've also been prepping for Blissdom!! I got some blog swag, thanks to VistaPrint and that JPK bag I had been eyeing (fits my laptop perfectly & it was on super clearance at TJ Maxx!-good things come to those who wait!). I'm so excited to soak up the entire experience and learn, learn, learn!

And Finley has been calling lots of shots around here lately. 

Running him around and keeping up with his social calendar has been interesting!

Him and Dexter had a playdate this week and wore each other out! It was great.

And Finley's buddy, Sonny gets to come back to play with him next weekend when I'm gone. Steven will have his hands full!
No doubt he can handle it! : 

I hope y'all have an excellent St. Patty's Day this weekend! Here's my post from last year for some green inpsiration!