Saturday, November 26, 2011

Speaking of...

Pink...she's like my Mini Me!!! Zara kids. LOVE...Don't worry, Steven. Not getting any ideas (yet)...but oh, heavens! 


Next on the list...

A gold monogram necklace. This has been on my list for the last three years. Seriously. Ever since I saw G rock one on Giuliana and Bill, I was obsessed! Two Christmases ago things were getting quite serious with Steven and I knew it may be silly to request a pricey monogram of my inititals. If memory serves me correctly, I did bring it up but he somehow temporarily swayed me away (that sly guy). He even asked me would I change my name should we, he had a valid point. Last Christmas we were engaged so it wouldn't make sense to request it when I couldn't even wear my new initials yet! So then I was really hoping for one on my birthday just after we were married, but he had a different idea. And so! It remains on my list. And now they're everywhere. Dang it. Well, I still want one and good things come to those who wait. This summer, while at the flea market I stumbled across this set of monogrammed buttons:

And they're engraved with my NEW initials. MHB. I snagged them and they've been sitting in a drawer ever since. Now's the time to do something about them. I'll be rocking something a little different!

I'm already head over heals for a gold chunky link bracelet. Why not add a monogram charm?:
 Lots of jewels and crystals with the mixture of the charms:
I'm obsessed with this one, but I'm not sure how to incorporate what I have...this may just have to be on my list as well, in addition! 
 I love the idea of a statement piece. A long chunky gold chain with a bright stone + the monogram charm. Keeping it fun:
Or keeping it simple:

And then maybe use one as a ring?

Fun! Fun! Fun! I'm off to Bailey's to see what they can do :) Hopefully I'll have a couple of Bailey's boxes under my tree come December 25!!


Dear Santa,

Tis officially the Season, right? 
I'm in desperate need of swooning hard right now for a camel coat. I adore these:

1.  2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.  8.

I love popping the camel with brights!

I think number 7 & 8 are at the top of my list because they're chic + affordable... but, OH! How I lovvveee #5!


Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hope your day is full of all that you are thankful for :) 
Don't get too stuffed!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Praise da Lerd! Hallelujer!

Thanksgiving is here!! In all seriousness, y'all, I have so much to be thankful for. Health. My sweet Hubby. My amazing family. Friends. A roof over my head. Yummy food on the table. My job. AMEN! We're off to celebrate this holiday by visiting both of our families and having two big meals in one day. I should really be hitting the pavement as I'm typing this, but I kind of consider my little shopping spree earlier to be a work out. Does that count? Hmm..Probably not.  Anyway, I'm excited about my finds! I rarely go shopping these days, so I was going kind of stir crazy. I always consider any cute dress under $25 a steal, especially when they're fun AND work appropriate! Perfect for a few festivities coming up on our calendar!

Hoo-RAY. This past weekend we had some company. Richard, Steven's friend from college came to visit us with his girlfriend, Megan (that didn't get confusing or anything!) We went to the NC State/Clemson game and had a ball! Majorly surprised by the Wolfpack WIN.

I guess you may notice my new fringe :) I feel like a new person, thanks to my hairstylist! Aubrie and I used to work together at the Aveda Institute and now she has opened her own salon! It's just about as presh as her. I highly recommend The Cottage if you're in the triangle area. She also did my wedding hair. (Sidebar- Nancy Ray has totally revamped her brand and blog and it's beyond beautiful!! So very  excited for her!)
Last weekend we also kept Bodie so my parents could have a mountain gettaway for my mom's birthday. Those lovebirds. They stopped by on their way back so we had an impromtu birthday dinner! So fun to make my mom feel special! She's the best. 

What are you thankful for?!

Sunday, November 20, 2011



Not that I am any time soon, but If I ever have a little girl, her room may be decked with some of these gorgeous fabrics...

 And accessorized with a painting like this by Jen Ramos...
These, also by CWT, are just begging for a monogram!


Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Sneak Peak...

Of The 3rd Annual Chili Cookoff! 

We had such a great time and got so full on award winning chili, cornbread, s'mores, carrot cupcakes, AND khalua cake! Ridiculously Y-U-HMMM-Y. Between that, the office Thanksgiving tomorrow, and the real deal next week, I'm going to be asking for a personal trainer (you know, the kind that physically drags you out of bed at 5:30 am...where are those by the way?) as an early Christmas gift...who's with me!?

More photos to come, eventually! 
It's almost Friday. Wahoo :)

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Happiest Birthday, Steven!

Today is my love's birthday! I'm so happy to be able to celebrate him this weekend. He certainly lights up my life and he fills my days with laughter. STH, you give me tons of joy and I hope you know you are my world. I believe in you and I'm proud of who you are as a husband and a friend. You always provide for me even when I'm undeserving and I'm lucky to call you mine :) Oh happy day! You're my one and only. I love you, your Gem~

Friday, November 11, 2011

First Attempt at a Gallery Wall

The picture wall is up and runnin! Thanks to my awesome handy man of a dad, he executed my plan! Steven isn't typically the first to jump when I have a project on the list. He's always down to help, but he doesn't usually have too much of an opinion (lucky me, right?). He's more of a numbers and science guy, which is wonderful when it comes to figuring out the funding behind the said projects. Here's the latest:

 Most of these photos are from our first dance (Photography by the lovely Nancy Ray) and Elvis is obviously a theme. Steven surprised me before our wedding with dance lessons so I surprised Steven for his wedding gift and had "Elvis" come out to sing our song. It was the first song we ever danced to when we were dating. Since then, we've always had a running Elvis joke when it comes to birthday cards and love notes.  
 The Hot Air Balloon print was designed by my sweet friend Amber's new hubby, Jon. Pretty awesome, right? This was a replica of my wedding shower invitations and it has special meaning to us because we so badly would like to take a hot air balloon adventure. Steven wanted to propose in one, but I sort of ruined that idea when I opened my big mouth. Typical.

This may be what happens next:
That ceiling!! I diee...and it perfectly coordinates with my chairs!


Monday, November 7, 2011


Pillow Fabrics!! I'm so excited. Let's face it, I love color and I'm not afraid to use it! Our pillows will be getting made next month!

I also came across this fabric, too and I'm pretty obsessed:
I think we'll need to switch out our current bedding, which is more creamy and buttery, but I can't help but think about keeping that space calm and simple, but with some pops of turquoise and yellow.
I love the gold. How perfect does it go with this mirror!?
 Two of these will soon be in my posession (to be hung above our dresser which I may paint yellow?)!

I'm taking suggestions! I don't want it to look too tween. Help!

Happy Monday

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

~My heart is dancin' to a November tune~

images Nancy Ray

Happy November, y'all! The cold is here, the Pumpkin Spice Lattes will soon get traded in for Gingerbread Lattes and we've already cozied up to a warm fire in our home. I love this season because Christmas is just around the corner. This year has flown by! And it's been a while since I set some goals. We haven't been totally goal-less or unproductive, but it was rather difficult plan projects with Steven gone for almost 3 weeks and lots of weekends away. He pretty much worked the entire month of I'm beyond thankful he's mine all mine for the rest of the year.

November will prove to be a little more like what we call normal. woohoo! Steven is off work for the first two weeks and we have no weddings or showers of the sort. I'm hoping to have a steady month of projects, purging, and enjoyment!
  • Host the 3rd Annual Chili Cookoff!
  • Give Thanks and eat turkey with two families in 1 day without going into a food coma 
  • Celebrate my husband's, my mom's, father-in-law's, AND my best friend's birthdays
  • Get a manicure & possibly a facial. It was so much more convenient when I got them for free worked at a cosmetology school!
  • Complete wedding album-(in progress, and quite a challenge!) 
  • Attend a Women's Christian Conference + Continue Bible Study with my neighbor, Carolina Mama 
  • Clear out "junk room" and convert into our guest room/clear out current guest room and convert to an office/exercise/craft room
  • Take another car full of junk to the Goodwill
  • Clean out desks/linen closets/nightstands/guest room closet
  • Hang drapes downstairs
  • Powder Room Gallery Wall
  • Complete Christmas Shopping

Link your goals in the comment section, if you have any!
We have so much to be thankful for :) 


~Title from Avett Brothers' November Blue