Saturday, November 26, 2011

Next on the list...

A gold monogram necklace. This has been on my list for the last three years. Seriously. Ever since I saw G rock one on Giuliana and Bill, I was obsessed! Two Christmases ago things were getting quite serious with Steven and I knew it may be silly to request a pricey monogram of my inititals. If memory serves me correctly, I did bring it up but he somehow temporarily swayed me away (that sly guy). He even asked me would I change my name should we, he had a valid point. Last Christmas we were engaged so it wouldn't make sense to request it when I couldn't even wear my new initials yet! So then I was really hoping for one on my birthday just after we were married, but he had a different idea. And so! It remains on my list. And now they're everywhere. Dang it. Well, I still want one and good things come to those who wait. This summer, while at the flea market I stumbled across this set of monogrammed buttons:

And they're engraved with my NEW initials. MHB. I snagged them and they've been sitting in a drawer ever since. Now's the time to do something about them. I'll be rocking something a little different!

I'm already head over heals for a gold chunky link bracelet. Why not add a monogram charm?:
 Lots of jewels and crystals with the mixture of the charms:
I'm obsessed with this one, but I'm not sure how to incorporate what I have...this may just have to be on my list as well, in addition! 
 I love the idea of a statement piece. A long chunky gold chain with a bright stone + the monogram charm. Keeping it fun:
Or keeping it simple:

And then maybe use one as a ring?

Fun! Fun! Fun! I'm off to Bailey's to see what they can do :) Hopefully I'll have a couple of Bailey's boxes under my tree come December 25!!



K said...

Love the idea of a monogram necklace!

Anonymous said...

I have this one from Delicate Raymond that I wear ALL the time - I don't know how you feel about long necklaces, though!