Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Praise da Lerd! Hallelujer!

Thanksgiving is here!! In all seriousness, y'all, I have so much to be thankful for. Health. My sweet Hubby. My amazing family. Friends. A roof over my head. Yummy food on the table. My job. AMEN! We're off to celebrate this holiday by visiting both of our families and having two big meals in one day. I should really be hitting the pavement as I'm typing this, but I kind of consider my little shopping spree earlier to be a work out. Does that count? Hmm..Probably not.  Anyway, I'm excited about my finds! I rarely go shopping these days, so I was going kind of stir crazy. I always consider any cute dress under $25 a steal, especially when they're fun AND work appropriate! Perfect for a few festivities coming up on our calendar!

Hoo-RAY. This past weekend we had some company. Richard, Steven's friend from college came to visit us with his girlfriend, Megan (that didn't get confusing or anything!) We went to the NC State/Clemson game and had a ball! Majorly surprised by the Wolfpack WIN.

I guess you may notice my new fringe :) I feel like a new person, thanks to my hairstylist! Aubrie and I used to work together at the Aveda Institute and now she has opened her own salon! It's just about as presh as her. I highly recommend The Cottage if you're in the triangle area. She also did my wedding hair. (Sidebar- Nancy Ray has totally revamped her brand and blog and it's beyond beautiful!! So very  excited for her!)
Last weekend we also kept Bodie so my parents could have a mountain gettaway for my mom's birthday. Those lovebirds. They stopped by on their way back so we had an impromtu birthday dinner! So fun to make my mom feel special! She's the best. 

What are you thankful for?!


Emily said...

Loving the bangs, my friend! That third dress is also quite cute!