Saturday, August 27, 2011

Irene, you hurrican't stop me from thrifting.

File this one under dedicated. Knowing this hurricane was coming towards the Triangle full force (so "they" said), we set our alarms super early to get to a charity sale this morning, thirty minutes away. Steven sent me a flyer from our local news about a "purses, pumps, and pearls" charity sale--rain or shine-- and he thought I'd like to go. Not only that, he offered to take me so I wouldn't have to brave the crazy weather by myself. (Yes, I know it. Husband of the year!) We got there a little later than we had planned (my wallet is thanking me) so some of the sale was a bit picked over. At first glance, all I saw were Vera Bradley's and faux Coach bags! It made things a little more challenging, however, I still lucked out! I scored 2 pairs of shoes, 3 purses, and 1 clutch for less than $100 and the money goes towards the N.Raleigh Ministires. Here are my exciting finds:

Don't laugh. Did you see EOS yesterday? Or Olivia Palermo? What about this gal?!
These will be a great addition for my fall wardrobe. $7!

Simply Adorable.

Ok, so I sort of "splurged" on this at $35, but it's Coach. LOVE!

Creamy and chic for any season. Or any trip to Italy...

Fun clutch for fall! 

And behold, FTW...
 Oh yes...yes they are.

I officially own my first pair of Manolos :) 7 bones, y'all. (A much needed pedi will cost more) eee!!!

STH and I came back and watched The Tourist (pretty similar to the Italian Job, but with much better fashion. And Johnny Depp). Irene is making her way through NC and luckily we were hardly affected here (just lots of wind, so far).We are happy to hear that our friends near the beach are doing well and that Goose Creek is hopefully still in tact. Lot's of prayers for the rest of those in Irene's path. 

Stay safe!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Happy Wednesday!

Today our home was featured on Matters of Style! Thanks, ladies, for the kind words!! It's still a work in progress, but what a fun journey it has been so far.

In other news, tonight I'm heading to SupperClub with my gals and tonight we're having a FIESTA! My FAVE. I'm planning to bake Rachel Ray's Mexican Lasagna. I usually switch beef for turkey and I use whole wheat tortillas.


Sunday, August 21, 2011

Fall Essentials.

I'm just going to go ahead and put it out there. For some reason, I'm itching for days of cooler temps. Normally I never want summertime to end, so this is highly unlike me. I think it's mainly because we haven't gone to the beach nearly enough this summer and we're not members of a pool, so I'm just flat out over the heat! Here's an outfit that I'm DYING to rock as soon as the weather (ahem and my wallet) permits. Major items on my fall shopping list include a gold watch, a neutral JPK bag, and Hunter boots. How freaking adorable are the Andora's with thier wedge and detail straps? So me. And I know it, y'all. I'm a label whore lover. It's always been a part of me and it's always been a little depressing, however, I feel like these are quite classic items. The woven chain bracelet and the geo ring are just pure fun! I should probably calm down, though. The Mister just informed me we should save more so we can hit up some of the amazing Groupon/Jetsetter trips we keep getting emails about. Hmm...

Shirt + Cardi: JCrew Jeans: Citizens of Humanity Flats: Tory Burch Pearls: Kate Spade Bracelet: Woven Chain DIY Geo Rock Ring: Pinterest Via Necklace: Jennifer Zeuner

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Flea Market Luck!

Today was just my day! It was meant to be that I spent the morning at the flea market. I could not be more thrilled about my fab finds. After a slew of weekends with mediocre luck, I managed to hit the jackpot today!

It gets even better. My friends Emilie, Ashley, and I wondered inside to check out an antique jewelry display. If you're in the need of a good life lesson, go see Mrs. Peggy. She's been in the same spot for 39 years. Be sure to have plenty of time on your hands! This is what I found:
At first glance, it doesn't seem like much more than your usual antique costume jewelry...

HOWEVER! These just happen to be my new initials!! And they are 24K gold dipped!

They're small buttons to be sewn onto Lord knows what. Maybe a buttonless coat? I'm giving them to STH so he can have them made into a necklace and maybe earrings (don't worry, I won't wear the set at once) or even to use as buttons! I'm not really sure, so it'll be up to him. 

I was in such an awesome mood once I got home.
Here's what I accomplished:

I can finally see all my sparkly pretty things!
We started by pulling everything out and off our shelves last weekend, but I finished organizing today! I had my work cut out for the afternoon!

Feeling very blessed + thankful today:)

Happy Saturday!


Summery Nights

I'm sitting here on my tiny cute porch, overlooking our front yard and our white picket fence. A huge magnolia sprawls up towards the sky across from our yard, planted in the grass patch of our circular street. The weather is perfect and it finally feels great to be outside. A cold glass of Vinho Verde is in hand. It's peaceful. Sounds delicious, right? Well, friends, it is...from afar. In reality, we've got cobwebs, a dirty rocking chair, and dead flowers in a planter. I typically kill any plant I own. Tragic, I know. There's so much potential in this little space, so it's going to be my mission to make it cozy and charming before we miss out on any more nice summery nights. I cannot wait to check out the online shop for Society Social which will be live next week! It's giving me maj inspiration. The Fifi folding chairs in aqua or yellow would be perfect. Head over now for a peek at the adorable magalog because it's too good to miss. As far as our front porch goes, here's what I'm thinking:
Bamboo Table (Scored at TJMaxx for $50!)

Cheers, y'all!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Oh yes, yes I did.

I'll be back later this week!