Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Sweet Treats

I'll make a little confession: I don't really bake. Maybe like 4 times a year: Thanksgiving & Valentine's Day & Steven's birthday & Christmas. I find it to be slightly tedious, messy, and I don't even eat dessert very often, so what's the point? I also really really miss having a Trader Joe's near by. They had the best frozen treats that I would spruce up with very little effort. #domestic

Well, for Valentine's Day, I can't get my favorite TJ frozen mini molten lava cakes so I have to make my own. I, personally want lava cake for the occasion and Steven's favorite is Red Velvet. So! I found an amazing Red Velvet lava cupcake that is going to fit the bill. You can even use a boxed cake mix, add a little home made ganache, sprinkle with powdered sugar and it makes for an easy semi-homemade delight. I'm going to add chocolate covered bacon to top it off. Why? Well, have you had chocolate covered bacon? Sprinkle it with some seasalt and thank me later. Served with Blue Bell ice cream, we'll be pretty happy. If you're gonna indulge, indulge right.

I came across some other lovely desserts that you may want to attempt for your Valentine on Friday!

But, if you're out of time or if you're  a non-baker, I suggest stopping by your local bakery and picking up some macaroons!

Don't forget the bubbly!


Friday, February 7, 2014

Friday Frills: The Real Lee

I say it all the time. "We need more pink in our house!" Just, you know, some artwork or pillows...something. It's not that Steven would mind so much, but when I chose our color scheme as a newlywed, I picked teal, orange, and lime green to avoid giving into my inner girliness. I think a small reward for holding off on anything very ladylike could result in a pink sofa one day. In searching for the perfect one, I stumbled across Lee Radziwill's Parisian apartment and I stopped dead in my tracks. I love her unbashedly feminine touch, her free-spirited personality, timless style, grace, and beauty. Upon looking into this glam abode, I also watched the video in this article, a conversation between Lee & Sofia Coppola. I mean, how cool is she? Sister to Jackie O., I find her to be a little more adventurous like myself. 

"If I wasn't curious, yeah, I wouldn't want to live"

And like her, if I had those gorgeous chairs with the little Asian men, I'd carry them everywhere with me, too.


Thursday, February 6, 2014

Valentine Gift Guide : The Little Market

There's nothing like a gift that keeps on giving. Enter: The Little Market. Lauren Conrad, who I have always thought was just fantastic, has started an online marketplace where you can shop for unique gifts that directly benefit the women who handmake them. These women are artisans in underdeveloped places like India, Tanzania,  and Uganda. The Little Market seeks to empower these women to rise above the poverty lines so they can support their families while working in a safe environment. I love fair trade and the responsibility of this mission. My favorite picks:

Have you ever felt Alpaca? Oooh it's SO soft! I love the mittens & pom pom beanie, along with the scarf! The apron would be cute, alongside some baking utinsels for the lady in your life who loves to bake. The blockprint is handstamped. So cute & on trend right now.

Rose gold is so pretty, right? And a set of these bowls would add a global touch to your china cabinet, for sure. I think they're so pretty. Both would look lovely on the tray below.

Do you have any other Fair Trade favorites?


Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Style crush: Rachel Bilson

I guess we can just file this under another girl crush. What is it with those ladies of the OC? I've always been a fan of Rachel Bilson, though. She's adorable. I like to think if I kick up my cardio routine and stopped eating carbs altogether, her and I may have similar physiques. We'll call it motivation. Hart of Dixie is one of my favorite guilty pleasure shows that I try to catch each week. Yes, the adorable plot is nothing short of cheesy, but I also tune in because I love Zoe Hart's style. While Rachel's street style is much more laid back and casual (she's usually found in shorts or boyfriend jeans and casual tees), I like how she remains feminine with her trendy & edgy vibe in character. 

 I think she also cleans up really well for events in real life. For an actress, I feel like her look is achievable, which I appreciate. Her home, found in the November issue of Lonny is also just as casual & gorgeous as she is. I love the touches of mid-century style, the worldly accessories, and earthy jewel tones. 

I love a layered bohemian style. She pulls it off so well!


Monday, February 3, 2014

February Goals

2014 is off to a running start! February is the month to really focus and assess those new year resolutions and press onward. No excuses. 

I was on point with my January goals. With the exception of going to the Symphony Ball (we actually got free tickets to the Art Gala instead-hey, any excuse to get all dolled up!), I checked them all off. The biggest change in January for me was working out 3-4 times each week. And, considering it's been FREEZING cold, it feels good and I've felt dedicated! I've become obsessed with the barre classes. I had a slow start with the kitchen reno, but that was not in my control. Luckily, all is finally well with my client and demo may start within the next two weeks. I'm excited!

Now that it's February, I'll continue with each of my January goals:
1-  attend Financial Peace University 
2- participate in gym classes 3-4 times/week
3- plan a couple of dates with Steven
4- set the alarm earlier than usual
5- try out a small group 
6- make plans to attend the symphony ball!
7- volunteer one evening/Saturday at some point this month
8- start my new job & design, design, design!
9- head up a project for the Art museum. We're sending out "Hearts for Art", in hopes to raise scholarship money for kids who can't afford to attend art related camps/programs in Amarillo.

And as the Hearts for Art project comes to a close, I'll attempt adding in a couple of different goals:
8. Spend a mini-getaway with Steven
9. Practice photography. I need a way to document my projects, and I really ought to utilize what I've got until I can afford a new camera.
10. Celebrate Valentine's- send some packages & get creative with doing something sweet for Steven!
11. I know I've mentioned that we tend to cook healthy, and for dinner, we usually do. But I really need to focus on breakfast. I tend to be such a picky eater with breakfast foods, so I'm hoping I can incorporate protein and fruit into my morning routine. 

Share your February goals in the comments!