Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Sweet Treats

I'll make a little confession: I don't really bake. Maybe like 4 times a year: Thanksgiving & Valentine's Day & Steven's birthday & Christmas. I find it to be slightly tedious, messy, and I don't even eat dessert very often, so what's the point? I also really really miss having a Trader Joe's near by. They had the best frozen treats that I would spruce up with very little effort. #domestic

Well, for Valentine's Day, I can't get my favorite TJ frozen mini molten lava cakes so I have to make my own. I, personally want lava cake for the occasion and Steven's favorite is Red Velvet. So! I found an amazing Red Velvet lava cupcake that is going to fit the bill. You can even use a boxed cake mix, add a little home made ganache, sprinkle with powdered sugar and it makes for an easy semi-homemade delight. I'm going to add chocolate covered bacon to top it off. Why? Well, have you had chocolate covered bacon? Sprinkle it with some seasalt and thank me later. Served with Blue Bell ice cream, we'll be pretty happy. If you're gonna indulge, indulge right.

I came across some other lovely desserts that you may want to attempt for your Valentine on Friday!

But, if you're out of time or if you're  a non-baker, I suggest stopping by your local bakery and picking up some macaroons!

Don't forget the bubbly!