Friday, February 7, 2014

Friday Frills: The Real Lee

I say it all the time. "We need more pink in our house!" Just, you know, some artwork or pillows...something. It's not that Steven would mind so much, but when I chose our color scheme as a newlywed, I picked teal, orange, and lime green to avoid giving into my inner girliness. I think a small reward for holding off on anything very ladylike could result in a pink sofa one day. In searching for the perfect one, I stumbled across Lee Radziwill's Parisian apartment and I stopped dead in my tracks. I love her unbashedly feminine touch, her free-spirited personality, timless style, grace, and beauty. Upon looking into this glam abode, I also watched the video in this article, a conversation between Lee & Sofia Coppola. I mean, how cool is she? Sister to Jackie O., I find her to be a little more adventurous like myself. 

"If I wasn't curious, yeah, I wouldn't want to live"

And like her, if I had those gorgeous chairs with the little Asian men, I'd carry them everywhere with me, too.