Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Style crush: Rachel Bilson

I guess we can just file this under another girl crush. What is it with those ladies of the OC? I've always been a fan of Rachel Bilson, though. She's adorable. I like to think if I kick up my cardio routine and stopped eating carbs altogether, her and I may have similar physiques. We'll call it motivation. Hart of Dixie is one of my favorite guilty pleasure shows that I try to catch each week. Yes, the adorable plot is nothing short of cheesy, but I also tune in because I love Zoe Hart's style. While Rachel's street style is much more laid back and casual (she's usually found in shorts or boyfriend jeans and casual tees), I like how she remains feminine with her trendy & edgy vibe in character. 

 I think she also cleans up really well for events in real life. For an actress, I feel like her look is achievable, which I appreciate. Her home, found in the November issue of Lonny is also just as casual & gorgeous as she is. I love the touches of mid-century style, the worldly accessories, and earthy jewel tones. 

I love a layered bohemian style. She pulls it off so well!



preppylove said...

She's great! I love that velvet couch!!