Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Hutches & Bars

Here's this past weekend's project! Between a wedding, two family gatherings, and lots of movies and cooking meals for some quality downtime with Steven, I managed to accomplish a couple of things! Earlier in the week, my dad brought up a couple of peices that I had inherited from my aunt. My parents also brought us all of our weddings gifts! While our dining room area is filled with our new stuff (quite a mess!), I snapped a couple of quick pics with my phone of the hutch and our dry sink bar!

In our dining room, I still need to get a large mirror to go over our hutch. I'm planning to install some wine glass racks into the bar, find a new lamp, and maybe add in flowers or some cute decor underneath. I love my acrylic tray, but I want a monogram insert! It came from Woozie.com (shout out to my pal Neill!) The framed print above is actually a menu from McCormick & Schmick's from my 24th birthday. It says "Happy Birthday, Megan!" That was the night I introduced Steven to my parents! Anyway,  I'll clean out the bottom shelf once I start organizing my closets! Here are some other great in home bars and bar carts that I found:

ps. Somehow with a hutch & a bar, I officially feel so grown up!

Happy Tuesday!
Sugar Meg

Sunday, June 12, 2011

I love Southern Weddings, Y'all!

Well, butter my butt and call me a biscuit!! The lovely ladies at Southern Weddings recently featured our wedding!! I must to give a special 'Thank You' to my friend, Emily! We met last fall at church and she's been a fabulous inspiration to me! She accompanied me to the flea market to find wedding decor a few times while I was engaged. I appreciate all the kind words as it was so fun to relive everything on a blog where I find daily inspiration. The gorgeous images came from Mrs. Nancy Ray. I absolutely adore her! I just hope my wedding can inspire other brides! Grab some sweet tea and head on over to read all about it Here & Here! Thanks, y'all!

Oh Happy Day!
Sugar Meg

I wish...

I could figure out how to incorporate these inspirations into my living space! Our living room, dining area, and kitchen are all pretty open, so everything has to coordinate. Easier said than done! Finding the right "stuff" has proven to be a challenge. I haven't been able to commit to fabric for drapes because I want something bold and fun, not something so matchy-matchy! However, at the same time, I don't want our living space to look like a hot mess. What's a girl to do!?
I love this space because it proves that calm and neutral can still have some pizzaz. My couch is more seafoamy green rather than the pale turquoise, but my walls are close to the couch colors. This just makes sense: neutrals, pops of color, and black & white. Love.

This image from Little Green Notebook (love!) just makes me melt. Isn't it lovely? I'm totally digging the teal dresser in the entry way. I love it with the orange, gold, black&white, and the neutral lamp shade. And the animal print rug is a MUST. This whole project is totally DIY!

So here's the thing- My couch was redone and it turned out more seafoam/neutral than I expected. It's very pretty, but just not as aqua or as vibrant as I thought it would be. And going with a neutral taupe/seafoam/beige/white pallet kind of makes me cringe just a little. Calm and neutrals are beautiful when done in the right setting, especially with crisp lines and open space. It's just not what I'm going for right now. But colors, patterns, and textures done right is no easy task. This is definitely my first big challenge and I blame this on my impulse fabric purchase. I was just so ready to have my couch done! Now I'm psyching myself out! I know I can pull this off, but I don't want to make the same mistake again. Thank goodness I stumbled upon this image on Pinterest! This chair is pretty darn close to my couch color and I love how they've popped it with hot pink & turquoise (probably my all time favorite color combo). In an effort to not turn our space into a bachelorette pad with flowers & girly colors (that makes me a good wife, right?!), I need to find similar fabrics and throws with oranges. It makes me happy to see that the bright turquoise blue looks fab next to the chair, so I'm dying to paint our kitchen table & chairs.
I'm trucking onward. One weekend at a time! I am very inspired to get these drapes accomplished soon. Both fabric outlets in Raleigh are very close to my office, so I'm stopping in this week. I've started adding a few things to my bookshelves and it's getting there slowly! What are your thoughts!?

Oh! Did I mention our new additions?! We love our new Foo pets :)


Saturday, June 4, 2011

June already & a May recap!

Hello Darlings.

Please forgive. This is new to me. And since I've been reading other blogs for over a year, it's a little bit intimidating because so many out there are wonderful bloggers. Not sure how they do it so well. Here we go, again.

In May, I almost completed all of my goals!! Here's what I didn't complete:
3. Arrange chairs to be reupholstered (our slipcovers are working fine, so I'm bringing in color with drapes first)
5. Donate all old clothes/dishes/bedding/lamps/etc to Tornado victims (this weekend, my friends!)
6. Start shelving project/cabinets in the garage (moving this to a june/july goal)
7. Declutter -(um, this is ongoing. ongoing. ongoing.)
1. Start walking/jogging 3 times a week (it was more like twice a week!)
2. Plan meals out starting on Sundays-cooking in larger quantities so we have meals for lunches
8. New banking account with Steven (next week!)
9. Flea Market trip on a nice Saturday morning (scheduled in June!)

I think I did pretty good, considering I gave myself about 20 things to do! With all that said, it definitely took away from blogging. On top of everything, our AC went out! It completely kerplunked. Talk about throwing a (expensive) wrench into our plans! I'm adding a couple June goals, but I'm going to just remember that I'm not superwoman (even though I kind of feel like it now, since I did get the iPhone4!)

June Goals:
1. Try to complete May goals.

2. Drapes. I want drapes. My couch was reupholstered, and it's gorgeous, but the color is a little more muted than I expected. I need to bring in some color!

3. Declutter closets-we have about 5 closets in our house that need some major help. I went to the container store and I was totally inspired, so my goal is to eventually install some closet systems to make them work for our space. For now, I'll just be happy to clean them out!

4. Visit my bff & mommy to be, Stephanie, and her husband in Huntersville!

5. Paint 4 small canvases for gifts.

5. Send out all thank you notes.

6. Start a bi-weekly bible study with my neighbor.

7. Bring all wedding gifts back from my parents' house. Return gifts that we don't need and exchange for what we do need! Easy peasy, right?!

8. Less TV, more reading & communication. We've started this in the last 2 weeks. We're not TV junkies, but I'm not gonna lie-I love The Bachelor/ette. I also love SYTYCD (So You Think You Can Dance) and HGTV. I'm sticking to only watching my favorite things (Have you seen Sarah's House!? She's adorable. I die.)

10. Short and sweet posts as I go!

Here's a recap of May through some pictures.
This is pretty much our downstairs before & after we painted. Bodie helped. We've since swaped out Great Aunt Edna's real old couch and chair, a plush red recliner, and that book/tv shelf. We brought in furntiure that was passed down to me from my mom and dad. (Two dark green club chairs and a couch.) We have a ways to go, but here's a preview:
Some progress!! The fabric samples are a few I liked, but I've somehow lost my actual selections for drapes! Our half bath downstairs is orange! I found a bunch of cute gold frames from TJ Maxx for the walls!
Here are a few shots from a Bulls baseball game and our zipline adventure! Such a fun weekend!
And finally, Memorial Day weekend. My parents have a trailer at Goose Creek, near Emerald Isle. Always a fun time!