Sunday, June 12, 2011

I love Southern Weddings, Y'all!

Well, butter my butt and call me a biscuit!! The lovely ladies at Southern Weddings recently featured our wedding!! I must to give a special 'Thank You' to my friend, Emily! We met last fall at church and she's been a fabulous inspiration to me! She accompanied me to the flea market to find wedding decor a few times while I was engaged. I appreciate all the kind words as it was so fun to relive everything on a blog where I find daily inspiration. The gorgeous images came from Mrs. Nancy Ray. I absolutely adore her! I just hope my wedding can inspire other brides! Grab some sweet tea and head on over to read all about it Here & Here! Thanks, y'all!

Oh Happy Day!
Sugar Meg


Ms. Bright said...

hey there! found you via just started following the blog, look forward to more! Come check mine out!

Gorgeous wedding and colors! LOVE!

Ms. Bright

Sierra said...

Megan - We were so happy to feature your wedding! It was so fun and colorful... brightened my day and I'm sure others as well - so does this blog you have going! Emily told everyone in the office about the church story. She was so excited! Have a fabulous Fourth! xo Sierra

Sugar Megnolia said...

Thanks, y'all!! :) This makes my day!