Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Happenings back in Amarillo

We had some wonderful travels as of late, but I've had to literally just dive back into life as we are in full swing preperations for Race for the Cure! IT'S THIS WEEKEND if you need to sign up! Finley had his FIRST birthday, and Steven tossed my iphone into the washing machine. #cueanxiety. I'd love to update you with some photos and fun things like that, but it's not gonna happen. Just wanted to check in and also say- come back soon for a giveaway! Happening HERE! On SugarMeg. Happy Hump day.
Just checking in.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Ramblin on.

Amarillo, TX --> Raleigh, NC --> Swansboro, NC --> Rocky Mount, NC --> Raleigh, NC --> Guthrie, OK --> Amarillo, TX --> San Diego, CA --> back to the Rillo.

LOTS of visits with family, friends, and a music festival!

Things are crazy around here. But, when is it not?
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