Friday, November 11, 2011

First Attempt at a Gallery Wall

The picture wall is up and runnin! Thanks to my awesome handy man of a dad, he executed my plan! Steven isn't typically the first to jump when I have a project on the list. He's always down to help, but he doesn't usually have too much of an opinion (lucky me, right?). He's more of a numbers and science guy, which is wonderful when it comes to figuring out the funding behind the said projects. Here's the latest:

 Most of these photos are from our first dance (Photography by the lovely Nancy Ray) and Elvis is obviously a theme. Steven surprised me before our wedding with dance lessons so I surprised Steven for his wedding gift and had "Elvis" come out to sing our song. It was the first song we ever danced to when we were dating. Since then, we've always had a running Elvis joke when it comes to birthday cards and love notes.  
 The Hot Air Balloon print was designed by my sweet friend Amber's new hubby, Jon. Pretty awesome, right? This was a replica of my wedding shower invitations and it has special meaning to us because we so badly would like to take a hot air balloon adventure. Steven wanted to propose in one, but I sort of ruined that idea when I opened my big mouth. Typical.

This may be what happens next:
That ceiling!! I diee...and it perfectly coordinates with my chairs!



Carolina Mama said...

Fabulous! I loved seeing this IRL! :) It's perfect.