Sunday, July 10, 2011

Ah :) I Feel Home!

Nothing like hosting supper club this upcoming week to kick my butt into gear!! Here's an update for downstairs. I'd say, we're almost there!!  (upstairs & the garage are a totally different story!) I still need drapes, and definitely a few more prints/wall hangings. Maybe a kitchen rug, dining room rug, and a few things to spruce up the kitchen a bit, but overall, I'm ready for company! The pillows + throw tossed around on the furniture are temporary. I'm having pillows made, but I thought these helped for the time being. Y'all-tell me what you think!

 So... funny note- Chuck forgot to assemble the arm plate pieces on this chair! We're getting it fixed soon!

 the plan is to paint this table + the chairs dark teal and I need to get flowers & floating candles for my center arrangement!

Here are some details:

We eventually will get cabinet doors for the bottom half of the bookcases so I can hide practical "stuff!"

I nearly had a cow when I saw the turquoise foo's at a consignment shop this weekend. SCORE!

LOVE the mustache highball glasses we recieved. Cheers! Thanks, Dash!

My inlaws had this made for us for us when we got married.

Soon y'all might need to start a foo dog intervention...



Katie Sutherland said...

I LOVE the buffet in your dining room!!!

Sugar Megnolia said...

Thank you!! I inherited it from my aunt :) Antiques are awesome! said...

You have impeccable taste. So many beautiful details.