Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Headin Down South

The husband is taking me down to Hotlanta for a little vacay! This is the first stop of our 50-Biggest-Cities-of-Each-State-Tour. (More on that later). We're actually going with his family for a jam packed to the brim adventure. Braves game, Aquarium, Six Flags, you name it. I'm thrilled to spend some time with my nephew! (I've never had one before and ours is the cutest.) Clearly, alot of family fun. And unless we melt, I'm hoping Steven and I  can sneak off on our own for a little shopping and dining! I've scouted out a few ideas, but tell me where to go! Here's what I've found so far (thanks to the lovely, Erin Gates!)...


SWOON. Gorg, isn't it?
Sure, we may end up eating ramen noodles for the rest of August, but I'm quite certain it'll be worth it!

For shopping, I'm in need of some cute and affordable clothing & home thrift stores boutiques. Naturally,  when I was trying to research, I had no luck with what I am looking for but I did stumble across the most adorable shop called Pieces...

Seriously, Lee, could we swap places for a day? So excited to check it out.
Doesn't she have AMAZING style?! I die.

I'm already slightly depressed because I can only afford things like crazy sea urchin shelf fillers, but I can dream, right?

Hopefully I'll find some great deals at Filene's Basement & maybe we'll even bump into someone famous like Fergie Ferg at The Buckhead Diner.

Any other suggestions?!