Monday, July 4, 2011

July Goals

Isn't it funny how when you have your heart set on getting something done, God has another plan? Well, that has pretty much been the story of my/our life over the last few weeks! I've been learning alot about patience, budgeting, and understanding. There's a major difference in intention and reality. Intentionally, I wanted to get all my May + June goals complete. In reality, did it happen? Absolutely not! (again!) Does that make me a bad wife, though? This is where I'm hard on myself, but Steven didn't have those expectations of me, so it didn't let him down one bit. And, I'm totally respecting the budget which is going to pay off in the long run (so hard for me now but HOORAH for the Future Harringtons!)  

We did manage to get alot done and we're starting to feel a bit more settled in. With Steven's crazy shift schedule, it makes finding time together + with family + with friends TOUGH. For 3 weeks straight he works 3 or 4  consecutive 12 hour shifts (night or day, including weekends) with only a day or two off in between. It definitely takes a toll on him and on us! We're split on productivity and quality fun time when we are together, so we've done what we can. In the midst of everything, change is even up in the air. It's all in God's hands! So some things are just touch and go. The downstairs is looking decent, and my chairs (yep!) are getting returned from my amazing upholstery guy on Tuesday! Instead of listing very many July Goals, I'm really focusing on completing May + June (again, ha).

1. Paint the darn canvases. Tap! Tap! Tap! (Just do it, Meg!) 

2. Trip 2 to Salvation Army. We donated 4 boxes, but we have more things to drop off! We also now have all of our wedding gifts, but we haven't unpacked a single thing. We're hopefully going to make some headway on that this month. Making room and cleaning out even more of the old!

3. Return all gifts we don't need. We have our piles ready to go. Trip one is today to KMart/WalMart. We have an appointment at Belk on Thursday to complete our registry (and return even more stuff! Because, really, who needs 60 towels?!) 

3. Bible Study-CarolinaMama and I did not get started, but I did borrow Love & Respect so Steven and I have started reading it along with the workbook. 

4. Thank You Notes- We sent out dozens. We slacked off on the last small handfull & our vendor notes! What is wrong with us?! Getting done today and tomorrow! We're at our 3 month max and breaking ettiquette rules. Slap me on the wrist!

5. Drapes- Holding off. (aka going crazy) I may end up getting my pillows done, though! I have most fabric picked out and my inserts are ordered. Consulting with Stephanie (who is my bff and interior designer in Huntersville) paid off. She helped me out in a major way!Yay!

6. Working Out- It was still more like twice a week. I'm hoping to amp it up this month! 

8. Host Supper Club. Evites are out, the dishes are planned, and my chairs are coming back this week! I think I can pull this off! I just need to clear some of my bookshelves so they don't look so ridiculous.

9. Bonus Goal: Sell old furniture on Craig's List. Photograph and Post. Use money for patio cushions & wedding/engagement prints & frames.

7. Family Vacation with the H's. We're going to HOTlanta, y'all. I'm looking foward to a little adventure! Can you believe I've never been!? We're planning on going to the Aquarium, Six Flags, and a Braves game. We have the cutest nephew, so it will be great to spend time with him. Steven and I want to try out some good eats and shopping!

I'll leave y'all with a sneak peak of my club chairs!

 Fabric! Brown + Cream for cushions, Teal for the base, All cording in Grellow :)

Stay cool, y'all!
Sugar Meg


Carolina Mama said...

You are so sweet! We will get our Bible study started and I am so excited for it! You are doing an awesome job Mrs. Harrington! :) Hugs! Loved seeing the chairs tonight!