Monday, July 25, 2011


Y'all, I'm ready for my next project. The last couple of weeks were pretty slow around here because we thought for a minute we could be moving. Steven and I were excited with anything happening, but long story short, we're sticking around here :) I'm a bit relieved! I didn't get this place in order just to pack it all up! So...

I'm honestly a little on the fence with sunbursts these days...obviously if you read any other blog than mine (really, Meg?) you've seen them! EVERYWHERE! I've wanted one for some time and I'm always on the lookout when I walk into HomeGoods. I love them, but I'm tempted to figure out something different, yet still trendy. At the same time, I've got several rectangular features down here, so something round and circular will be a good balance. So...I'm a little stuck! What better way to save some money though, than a good ole' craft project!? I found this here! I'm considering because then it wouldn't be a huge investment and I could spray it any color I'd like (gold?) I'd like to hang it above my hutch (see below). Idealy, then I'd possibly flank the hutch/sunburst with large print b&w canvases filling the wallspace from the ceiling down to the chair rail. I'm not sure what I'd do to the space below the chair rail though. I think I need two more chairs or maybe small ottoman stools? Or leave it simple? I'm not sure!

This is also pretty close to my wall color! 

What would you do with this space?