Monday, September 12, 2011

Faux Real.

This weekend was one of the most productive weekends hubby and I have ever had. It was fantastic. Steven and I had a blast just getting things done around our house together. I actually took the day off Friday to get a head start because I know us, and we work hard and then we relax. We accomplish and then we play. That's just what keeps us going, but this weekend was very successful. We cleaned out our garage, organized it (decently, for now. I'd love to get lockers and more shelving, and some of our furniture still needs to find a place) But at least we know what we're working with! It's not just a major clustercluck. We took so much stuff to Goodwill and we even started painting our nightstands! Sunday was wonderful because we went to church and finished some projects and had a chance to reflect on how blessed we are ten years after 9/11.  Seeing all the coverage of those terrible events just makes us appreciate everything we have more than anything. This weekend we also ventured out to take a look at a dresser that I found on Craigslist.  Major score. Major investment for us, however, we really took the time the to think about it and we did our research. Pretty exciting. It's perfect. I tried some of my Dave Ramsey tricks, and we were able to get it for $50 less than the posted price. I aimed really low, and she was a tough cookie. Still felt good, though, because we found out from the seller that she bought the dresser at an estate sale. The other 3 pieces of the set were bought by a high end furniture consignment shop nearby. We went to check out those pieces (end tables and a bar). We learned a good bit about the furniture line (from Mt. Airy, NC and at least 20 years old). The end tables together were priced just less than double what the dresser cost. The dresser was solid, sturdy, and heavy as lead. Great find! So now some photos:

Our nightstands:
totally in need of some TLC!
Coat 1:
 Glossy Glosssaaay!
I'm thinking 1-2 more coats later this week or next!
 sprayed gold!
Not sure how I feel about the spray paint I selected, but I think it'll be easy to respray if I find another gold with a little more shimmer.

Here's our (soon to be) dresser:
 These were the other pieces of the line that matched:
 I love the bartop!

 now...the big question...what to do with it!?

 Here's some inspiration from the fab stores, Room Service & Pieces:
um btw, this costs a mere $2400. 

I love the painted look, but do I want 3 pieces in white? It's such a large dresser so I'm honestly a bit intimidated about painting it, but I think the results would be so worth the effort. We may keep it as is because it is in wonderful condition and until we have more of an idea where we're going with decor, I can't commit to painting.
I was also a little nervous about that much bamboo, but we would balance the rest of the room with our bed and our mirror, and maybe a chair or the bench. My mom called me this weekend and mentioned her and my dad are just dying to try making an upholstered headboard, so we might be switching the bed out, yet again! I'd totally be alright with that! I also have an antique pencil post bed that could be an option (may be too high for the nightstands) in which I could paint a fun color. Oh the decisions! What are your ideas?!


ps. It's been 5 months of sweet bliss :)


LR {sixtwelveplace} said...

Great find!! Also, Krylon Metallic gold 1000 is my favorite gold spray paint- very shiny and bright!

Jules said...

Hey chicky! I mentioned your fab night stand re-do on my blog, your thriftyness inspires me!