Friday, September 9, 2011


Like many folks I know, my master bedroom as been put on the backburner while the common spaces of our home took first priority. Even though we're not quite finished with the downstairs, we're getting ancy to make our bedroom more special. I'll show you some before pictures soon because they're a real treat. Steven had a Braves trashcan, an NC State framed stadium print above the bed, and so much red furniture in one room, I was pretty much speechless the first time I set foot inside. I'll just say, bless his heart. We made a vast improvement by switching out our bedding to a new creamy colored duvet and even more progress by switching out the bed to my queen sized white iron bed. We even rearranged the furniture placement to accomodate a future dresser (cross fingers tomorrow goes well-I found 2 on craigslist!) and my nightstands. If you've been following, you noticed my bamboo nightstands that I scored at the flea market! I'm hoping to paint them this weekend! Details to come, friends, but here are some of my inspirations for our home "sanctuary." We're working with a pretty blank canvas, other than our wedding bench + Steven's one request to pop some yellow :)

 First off:
This bed is so similar to ours. We also pushed it up against our window because of our space. The color scheme is somewhat on point, but I'm the general style isn't quite me.

But clearly, I'm a fan of aqua blue and anything bamboo. That mirror is gorg!

Ahhh the Chiang Mai Dragon. Especially in Alabaster. I could just DIE. I may be able to afford just a small throw pillow! Speaking of...
Did you see my twitter pal, Mr. Goodwill Hunting a few weeks ago? He used this fabric and made a dapper bowtie. One day, I may need to create a sundress. Oh how fabulous would that be!?

I'm thinking thick silky vibrant drapes on our windows, similar to these. Loving the height!

I adore the wallpaper and the lamp! Plus, our bedding is neutral shades of whites and creams. This yellow is so happy! Our connecting Master Bath has an offset toilet room, so I may pop yellow stripes in there like these:

I keep going back to this Kravet Jellybean fabric and it could blend nicely with the yellow, too. It mixes well with gray and I cannot resist stripes. (Or upholstered headboards)
Even Better, I spotted this on Young House Love

 And last, but not least:
  I simply love everything about this, even though it's using pale yellow. So soothing and sophisticated.

decisions, decisions.
What are your faves?


Sarah Elizabeth said...

we're totally the same way. Our first priority was the living room since that is mainly what everyone would see. We are just now getting around to our master bedroom and our guest room. My boyfriend is so funny because he doesn't understand why I wont let him hang his "manly" pictures on the wall..bless his heart.

loving the inspiration pictures and your wedding bench is gorgeous!!