Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Tuesday Pick-Me-Up

I love these photos of vintage suitcases :) We actually used some for our wedding, and my in-laws have quite a few. I'm considering getting them back! They'd be cool (yet, a bit unpractical) for travel and they're pretty good for storage nightstands. Quite stylish. This week, I've just been left to my own devices since Steven has gone up to Philly for work. I miss him. ALOT. And it's only Tuesday. Thankfully, I have a jewelry party to attend tomorrow night and then Thursday I'm having some girlfriends over to watch Bridesmaids. Have you seen it?! Absolutely hilar. And then it'll be Friday and the really good news is, I get to join hubs b/c I'm flying to Philly!! (Lord, help me navigate an airport by myself. Yikes!) Any suggestions for us? I'll be packing up my handy Samsonite rather than one of these chic totes...But, nonetheless, I'll be prepared for whatever STH has in store! (I'm leaving the plans up to him. ahh!)

I'd love to get my hands on some vintage LV :)

Being home alone really makes me wish for one of these, too...
 and my absolute fave...
(Our future fur babies, Finley & Presley)

Hope you're off to a great week!


A Big Little Life said...

We always talk about our next dog being a Cavalier. So sweet. Have fun in Philly girlfriend!