Monday, September 19, 2011

Weekend Recap!

Hello friends, excuse my lack of postings! I was out of town this past weekend and now I'm sick! I'll update you quickly...if only I looked this pretty with the sniffles...

This past weekend I had a weekend away with the gals for my sweet friend, Amber's last fling! She's getting married in less than one month. She had no idea where we were heading and the crazy caravan of headwear was off to NoVa. Once we arrived, she still had no idea as to why we were there...little did she know, we were going to the Virginia Wine Festival :) The Beatles cover band was so fun and then a beach music band practically played the entire soundtrack to Dirty Dancing. A celebratory bottle of Barboursville Voigner Reserve came home with me, which just happened to be the wine hand selected by Prince William and Kate Middleton for their wedding celebration in DC. Quite a fun time had by all!

Before I left, I saw that HunterBoots were on and I couldn't resist!! These bad boys should be on my doorstep any day an early Christmas gift. They had the wedge ones, but not in the color I wanted. These were less expensive and I think Navy will go with everything. Yay!
Stay well, lovelies. I'm off to bed!