Monday, September 5, 2011

Lately In Pictures

Here's a little recap of us soaking up the last bit of summer!
Steph, around the 19th-ish month mark!

 We made it to The Livingston, which is in the Georgian Terrace Hotel. Gorg!
 I pretty much died over seeing one of these in person. 
 Bright Lights of ATL!
 More of Livingston. Below is the Grand Ballroom, where the Gone with the Wind cast party was held.
We're having another wedding and doing it here: 

 Sundial! Best views of the city!

love him! 

 Our nephew enjoying the Aquarium

 Olympic Park!

 We made it to Pieces! Totally loved it. And Lee was so sweet and inspiring!

 Braves game. Nicholas had so much fun:)
 and so did we.

My inlaws and my hubby! 

 On our way back to our neck of the woods, we made a pitstop to find out about the Peanut!
 Cut to this weekend, and our grown up tailgate.
 the spread was amazing and the weather was gorgeous!

 We were directly in the sun and so glad when the sun started setting. Two touchdowns at the end of the game, made the game a blowout Wolfpack win!
 ps- so much for curling my hair that morning!
 Baby Shower time!
 My mother in law, made this sweet blanket!
 and that sweet girl will be rockin in Uggs!
so adorable... 

This summer has been such a blast! 

Did you do fun things this summer?!



stephaniewd said...

Yay! I love that I got to see you so much (or much more often that usual) this summer! The blog is looking awesome and is totally inspirational!