Sunday, October 30, 2011

It's almost time...

For our Third Annual Chili Cookoff! I am SO excited, y'all! Steven and I love to entertain, but our big thing every year is our chili cookoff, just in the midst of fall. It also happens to be his birthday weekend, so we'll be celebrating him, too. I started with the Paperless Post for my invitations. If you haven't checked them out, do so for your next event!
 Last year, my parents hosted the cookoff as our engagement party:
 I love this idea for a drink station:
 We're hoping to host the party outside, but I'm sure folks will come indoors to escape the cold, so we're filling up our house with decor as well:
 Outside, we'll set up cornhole, ladderball, and I'm planning to have haybells with quilts or blankets for seating:
 I started a bunting project...which we'll be stringing on our closed garage door above the food station:

 These are all so cute:

Apple Cider Punch sounds like a great idea in mason jars:

 sunflowers are simple and they add so much color!:

 Now for the FOOD! The advantage of hosting a chili cookoff, is that we simply provide the fixins (cheese, sour cream, fritos, and chives), cornbread, veggies, and desserts. It takes pressure off if you're not a fan of cooking for tons of people! Everyone brings a crock of chili and we plug 'em in and enjoy! Then we vote.

I cannot wait to try my hand at baking pie pops! These are great because you can prep them ahead, freeze, then bake the day of. Steven loves pie!

 My mom is making caramel apples:

 And the night would not be complete without a firepit and s'mores!

Hope you had a wonderful Halloween weekend!
Trick or Treat,


Isle of View said...

looks like fun! We're doing a Country Christmas Party for our church this year so I may have to use some of the multi-seasonal ideas!