Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Let's Get Some Shoez.

Like most gals, I have a admiration for gorgeous shoes. My only issue (other than spending over $50 on lovely heels I'm only going to wear occasionally) is that I hate wearing heels. A wedge? Sure. Boots with a thick heel? I can deal with for a little bit. But pretty little 4" stilletos? No sir. I'm such a wimp. If I'm not kicking them off from being completely intolerable of the pain, I'm avoiding embarrassment due to toppling over or even worse, coming close to breaking my ankle. My mom always joked around with me when I was younger that she was thankful she didn't name me Grace. I'm pretty much a walking disaster. If I could, I'd wear Jack Rogers, cowboy boots, or ballet flats each day, but as it turns out, most of my shoes actually are heels. I'll grin and bear it most days because I have to do so in the professional world. So, I'm slowly making it a goal to update some of my fancy footwear. I'm finding it incredibly hard to resist any of these :

1, 3:Frock Candy 4: Zara 3,5,6: Asos

They're actually all affordable! Ok, maybe not all at once--fiscal responsibility ;)