Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Game Changers

Just a few things I'm majorly obsessed with at the moment:

The Mophie Battery case. Game. Changer. Up until about 2 weeks ago, I had an iPhone 4 that couldn't make it to lunchtime without only having about 15% battery left after an all night charge. I recently got the new iPhone5, equipped with the Mophie case (because I got a deal!), and I do not regret it one bit. The battery lasts much longer as it is, but by 5pm, if I need to freshin up the charge, we're good to go!

CLEARANCE - PINK 2013 Day Designer - A Strategic Planner & Daily Agenda for the Creative Entrepreneur

I got to meet the lovely Whitney English at Blissdom this past weekend and not only was meeting her a game changer for me, I won one of her Day Designers! This amazing planner has 8 pages of goodness that allow you to really think about and write down your goals, values, and so forth so you can chase your dreams. Of course, writing and doing are not quite the same thing, but I can certainly feel more motivated about each day when it's all in front of my face! I LOVE the layout of each page and each month. It's wonderful for creatives. Go get one on her etsy site!

More on my Bliss recap in a few. I spent the entire day yesterday focused on my take-aways and my experience. My fears, my goals, my obstacles. I'll be sharing some of those here!

Game changer #3:

Y'all. I'm dying! Do you see the awesome dragons and the chinoiserie flowers!? How pretty is this suit!? I have been on the search for about 2 years for a chic one-piece that isn't completely black. Thank you, Nanette Lepore! It's like she's reading my brain with all the colors and patterns here. The cut is also sassy! I may need to save my pennies a little and say prayers that it fits me and looks right, but I would love to have this for summer. 

Happy Tuesday, friends! I'm off to make mine super productive.