Friday, March 8, 2013

March Madness

This month has come in and I've hit the ground RUNNING. Which, I suppose is a great thing! Suddenly I went from having one part time job to FOUR! In the last week I was hired for 2 decorating jobs (!!!!) and asked to join the Komen Race committee. AND! Amarillo Magazine came to our house for a photoshoot for Finley because HE GOT 2nd PLACE in the CUTEST DOG contest!!! I'm beyond PUMPED! Thank you for voting!! Oh, and I did decide to go to Blissdom, which is just two weeks away! So, my work as been cut out for me in researching/understanding what all I'm throwing myself into with areas of life! On top of that, we had a blizzard last week, yet this week the temperatures are in the upper 70's/low 80's and my body has taken a hit. I have my fifth cold of the season, which is more than frustrating because I'm being forced to rest when my mind has been going a mile a minute (clearly). I'm still going strong with my 35x35 challenge, too. I will be honest- I'm sick of the pieces that I've been limited to wearing!! Probably because it's been so cold and I want to do is snuggle up in big sweaters and leggings (until this week). I'm so ready to mix in the rest of my closet with my wardrobe. I think the challenge will be complete next Tuesday (that will actually be the 40 day mark!) I'm sorry for getting behind on the outfit posts. I have a few on my camera that I need to upload, but just trust I've been trucking through with it all. Katie and Cassy have been holding me accountable! The not shopping part has been going just fine, but I already have my eye on a dress at Semblance that I may get for Blissdom and an upcoming wedding! Other than that, I've completely avoided clothing shopping, alltogether. With that said, I did get new bedding and a bed...Which was exactly the point of this! Hopefully things will arrive and be here just in time for our 2nd anniversary (traditional gift: cotton!). In other house related news, I've been spending copious amounts of time on Houzz and for my own projects and my clients. And speaking of Semblance, Robyn (who owns the boutique!) and I and another Amarillo blogger, Samantha organized a blogger happy hour last week! It was definitely fun and w'ere hoping to make it a monthly thing as we seek out more gals to join us. If I could only figure out how/when to blog more so I can call myself a blogger! Alas, I've got to run because I'm working nonstop the next couple of days and hopefully I'll be back next week with some exciting details about all this design stuff! If this was a whirlwind post of crazy sentences to you--well, welcome to my brain this week. I need to get it together.

Happy Friday, friends!


Em said...

Yay! So exciting about the decorating jobs! Can't wait to hear more about them!