Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Day 27 of Things I Love

Fashion Illustrations

I've always loved to doodle and design. Sketching has been something that I've practiced for years and years and to this day I continue even though I am my own worst critic. I got to learn a little bit about fashion rendering in Paris, but I had a hard time with hips, legs, and details! Maybe one day I'll share since we just got a scanner. Don't hold your breath, though!...In the meantime, swoon over these are beautiful illustrations of fabulous style and chic taste. Talk about talent...

First up, Inslee. I love the watercolors and attention to detail. wowzas:
Unmistakable Dior sketches by various artists:

Oui Oui! All vintage, of course. 
I picked up several postcards for framing when I visited Villa "Les Rhumbs"

Gadabout has seriously ahmazing work, website designs, and personalized notecards. (Which are on my wishlist): 

I LOVE Garance Dore. So close to my own sketching style, but so much prettier:

So French, right? Her post on Paris Skinny vs NY Skinny is certainly interesting. Yet another reason I'd like to move to Paris.

And lastly, a local oldtime favorite of mine is Mary Phillips. I love the fun birthday cards and sassy sayings!

Do you sketch? Should I share any of my own?



Elizabeth @ The Little Black Door said...

I love these too! You can find some really great ones on Etsy (no surprise). I especially like Lauren Maurer Artworks - on Etsy. She has some really beautiful stuff.