Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Day 1 of Things I Love...

Happy February, Friends!
I'm here this month to share with you 29 days of THINGS I LOVE :) Up until this morning, I was fully prepared to share something totally frivolous with you--my love for Ballet Flats, especially because Toms now has really cute ones--but, I'm feeling compelled to dive a little deeper after reading this blog post. It really resonated with me. I encourage you to read it. Her letter to her son really felt like a breath of fresh air! I love it! Recently, I was confronted with an uncomfortable situation where an elder adult was asking a child what it meant to be gay because, somehow, it came up in conversation. He gave his understanding or explanation, very hesitantly and he acted grossed out and he giggled with disgust over "boys kissing boys." The elder said -"Right...and THAT is NOT OK."..... 
Stinger. This was all said in a Christian home...Wellllllll.....I sat there. My blood started to boil a little. I bit my tongue out of respect and fear because he wasn't my child and it wasn't my home. In fear of what they may think of me if I disagreed. In fear that I may be judged because I know next to nothing when it comes to children because I clearly don't have any (yet).But how do you disagree that everyone should be treated with kindness? I just sat there giving my husband that look, HOPING he'd pipe up about what we believe. He didn't. I regret keeping quiet. I regret losing a teaching moment. It's been weighing on me lately. Moving forward, I think there are a few things that I can learn from that experience...In celebration of LOVE and in the spirit of VALENTINE'S, I encourage everyone to just be kind and celebrate others. Teach love and live love and show love to those around you. Be an example of acceptance. I love the act of love. I love sharing a smile, giving a compliment, and random acts of kindness. I think we could all stand to be better day-makers for others. Here's to LOVE! 

I shall bring some fancy flats your way tomorrow.


melanie said...

Great post. Sometimes the missed opportunities resonate the most so that we are more prepared the next time.