Friday, February 3, 2012

Day 3 of Things I Love

I've never met a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel that I didn't like. Aren't they the CUTEST? I could eat 'em up. I grew up with a cocker spaniel-Diamond (rest in peace, bubby). He was one CRAZY dog, but we loved him so much. He was adorable, so I thought that maybe that one day, I'd like to have a cocker myself. But when I started watching SATC and saw Charlotte's little Elizabeth Taylor for the first time, I KNEW that was the dog for me so I immediately googled to find out what kind of dog she was. Oh! Behold, the Cavalier. How perfect! Not too little, not too big. Gorgeous little face and a happy wagging tail. I told my roomates in college that one day, I'll have one.Well...cut to a few years later and the (at the time) soon-to-be- husband and I took a random gander to our local pet store (they actually get their animals from breeders--not puppy mills!) and there one was. Little Finley. 10 weeks old. Begging us to take him home. We went to the little gated area to play with him and my heart totally melted. At the time, we were planning our wedding and Steven said-Do you want a dog? Or do you want me to pay the deposit for our honeymoon? So we left, eyes full of tears and empty handed. In reality, I also knew we weren't ready for the responsibility of a dog. I also know we should adopt a dog in need, but luckily there are breed specific adoption agencies. It may be our next step, though. Maybe in the next year. 
I mean, look how sweet...