Sunday, February 5, 2012

Day 4 of Things I Love


This should be of no surprise. I'm Southern. And I went to Meredith. Getting something monogrammed is practially a rite of passage when graduating high school and moving off to live in a dorm with 2000 other women. I was also the tot who had personalized smocked dresses and monogrammed bloomers. My shoe clips for my little white Ked's had M's and my ribboned hairbows and headbands were almost always personolized. 

Monograms (when done right..) are essentially the most personal touch you can give to almost anything. Jewelry, linens, decorative trays, upholstery, throw pillows, and bags. Even clothes. I am slowly adding to my NEW monogram collection since getting married and changing my initials last April. 
Here are my favorite new things: 
Our wedding bench 
(which was inherited to me from my aunt. My mom and dad had it reupholstered and sprayed for us as a surprise) It's hopefully getting repaired from a tumble out of my dad's truck! Fingers crossed!)

My Gettaway/Recpetion dress from our wedding. My lifetime long friend, Joslyn and I collaberated together to design it and she made it. I also wore it on our honeymoon and I'll definitely be trying to find excuses this summer to bust it out.

 Remember these? Well! The Husband did an amazing job deciding that they should be earrings as well as a bracelet! Leaves room for a potential future necklace, right? ;)
I LOVE how they turned out. They were redipped in the gold to match the chain links on the bracelet and I've been wearing them almost daily. Such an awesome find! 
My inlaws gave me the adorable John Wind bracelet for Christmas, too! (They had no idea what Steven's plan was & they don't read my blog-so how cool is that?!) I doubled up for a few days but then decided to add the charms from it to my custom bracelet and I returned it to buy something for our house. They nailed it with the perfect gift, though! Love!

Classic monogrammed stationery was given to us for our Thank You notes after the wedding. 
Simple & Classic!

This was a stocking stuffer from my mom. I think she won one in her Bunko group and decided it was a perfect gift idea. The decals are typically sold at any boutique that does monograms (it was the same kind that you would see on a car) and the candle was from Wal-Mart or wherever. She soaked the label off and added the sticker! VIOLA! Super inexpensive, super personalized!

We picked up these inexpensive hats at a shop in Beaufort, NC. Perfect for the beach!

Here are a few more monogrammed items that I would not hate to own:
Leontine Linen's Euro Shams. Wowzas.
However, By Paige has some needlepoints that are quite comparable for a fraction of the price. And I have a family friend who works in a shop who can get them for a discount! On my birthday list...

I got my MIL one of these monogrammed robes for Christmas and I almost picked one up for myself because they were half off at Handpicked. So comfy and cute while lounging around the house or getting ready.
iPhone covers. Such a fun selection out there! This one is from Etsy.
Fancy! These linens are also from Leontine.
Gramercy also has swoon-worthy home furnishings. Amazeballs. Hello, Guestroom inspiration!

Luxury Monograms are SO fun and stylish! Melanie is so fabulous and quite the business woman!

My last two monogrammed wishes are clearly in my wildest dreams:
Anyone else with their last name that starts with an H feel likeThe Avalon Blanket was made especially for you? 


Well, my darlings! Do you have anything uniquely monogrammed?

I considered getting jeans monogrammed on the back pocket...(Old Navy has blank pocketed jeans).