Thursday, January 10, 2013

Shopping High, or is it the Paleo?

I've gotten reealll lucky lately. I have this thing where I rarely buy anything unless it's on sale. On sale, on clearance, or at TJ Maxx (Because, come on! Whose prices beat The Teej?) I know one of my goals was to save and spend only on quality, but, when you see a good deal on a nice find, well, that's what I call a win-win. Ebay is my bffff. Let me rephrase my goal- spend only on high quality SALE items. Here are a few of my lucky finds!:

1. Kate Spade Suzette Coat. I saw this at a local boutique in Amarillo, Lilly Finch. (I highly recommend you go like them on facebook because they do these amazing sales near Christmastime. Hunter boots were 50% off, Moon and Lola- 50% off, etc) I nearly had a heart attack when I saw this coat in the window because a bright red coat has been on my mind for several years now! And it has a big bow and a cute little swing style in the back! I looked at the $700 price tag and just shamed my head and said "that'll never happen." Then they let me in on a little secret sale they were about to have and they told me that they would honor the 60% off if I got before! I  knew I was getting some Christmas money  To go towards ski gear, but let's be serious, the thought of spending $100+ on high end, name brand ski gear is NOT a priority. Please.) so I couldn't resist!! Best $100 (of my own money) I've ever spent. I want to wear it year round.

2. Silver Champagne Bucket for 12 bones at The Teej. What what!! So similar to this.

I plan on using it as a planter in my kitchen since we don't pop bottles on the reg:

3. New Barware! Real funny considering I can't even have a cocktail on Whole 30. Boo. These fancy gold shaker & highball glasses were so pretty, though! Fabulous, if you ask me. Neiman and Target's collaboration is on SUPER DUPER sale at ($14.99 as opposed to $49.99!). Score!

4. This precious cropped jacket. So Chanel. Also quite similar to this pricy Alice & Olivia number! Gold, and light pink, and sparkles? Sold. For only $15!

5. Baubles! Not quite Loren Hope, but I can't afford her line anyway. Love, love, love it, but seriously? You're outta your mind if you think I'm going to drop $165+ on trendy costume jewels. So... when I saw these in the glass case at TJMaxx, I couldn't resist the 29.99 dolla price tag! One for me, one for a gift! WIN.WIN.

6. Also spotted: a black & gold JPK Paris bag for only $79 (also at the Teej), rather than the normal $165! I held back, for now. They had a few of them. I don't actually have a black bag and one has been on my wish list for a WHILE, but I may be on the hunt for something a little more leather....I'm tempted because I've borrowed one of these totes from a friend before (they're great! and light!), but I'm resisting the urge at the moment. My eye/wallet is on Santa Fe next month!

Any shopping success stories out there!? Don't you LOVE a good deal?

More later this week on my update of the Whole30Challenge. For the most part, things are going well and my energy is great! On the downside, if I don't eat every so out. Dinner is cooking and I need to go before I get hangry :-]



Amanda said...

You go girl! I love a good deal too! I shamefully shop at Old Navy a lot and find some good stuff there sometimes. And I have to admit I've gotten some of my favorite necklaces from Forever.. So wrong, but my wallet feels so right!