Thursday, January 31, 2013

35 for 35 : Outfits!

Wahoo! I've decided on my outfits for the 35 for 35 Remix! I'm so excited about this challenge. I do have a love for shopping & style and sadly, I'm guilty for looking into a FULL closet and thinking "I have nothing to wear!" OR knowing about an upcoming event and setting out to find something new for the occasion because I got tired of some things I already have. Ugh, that can be the worst feeling because guilt is a huge side effect! My efforts are to complete this over the next 35 - 40 days (reason being, some days I only leave the house to make a grocery run, in which case I wear my gym clothes-which will not count in the challenge).

My goals/reasons (in no particular order) :
1. No shopping for clothing for 40 days (excluding Santa Fe. Money's been saved. It's a trip. I'm hoping to find turquoise jewelry or something Santa Fe-ish. Enough said!). I don't think I've ever seen Steven's eyes light up so much when I told him I was doing this. He's holdin' me to it.

2. Save money (from not shopping!) for our bedroom/bathroom makeover!

3. Gain a new appreciation for my clothes. I realize that sometimes what I have, people actually need. I realize that I'm blessed beyond measure and I'm lucky to have so much more than most. I want to really feel that. Some people simply cannot shop for things just because there is a SALE. I know this. I've been in debt before. I've been a broke college student/young professional. But even so, I still think I take things for granted sometimes. Having only 35 articles of my clothing to chose from will be very interesting for me, and I'm hoping when I can add everything else into the mix, I'll really appreciate what I was missing.

4. Slim the closet down after this is done! I'm going to do a great overhaul to donate items that I rarely wear or what I didn't miss wearing. I'm also already excited to reattempt this in warmer temps with even less items. I think the fact that it's wintertime is a challenge in itself!

5. New perspective! Style isn't simply putting on a cute top and skinny jeans. Style is created. Accessorized. Mixed up and unexpected. (Hence the reason that J.Crew is SO amazing when they pair a gingham shirt with a polkadot bottom or a peach top with a purple skirt and a neon belt and they make it look good) Style takes thought! I'm hoping this gives me a little confidence boost in taking a new look at what's hanging in my closet so I can take some fashion risks! Dare to flare. I'm welcoming a little whimsy in my day to day.

6. Disconnect a bit from material "stuff." I don't think it consumes me, but I battle constantly with my bank account and looking stylish because I LOVE dressing up and I LOVE accessorizing and having fun with clothes. I also, naturally have expensive taste. It never fails. It's part of who I am.  However, I'm not THAT bad--I mean, it's not as if I go out and get new things from J.Crew or ShopBop. I've never just bought a brand new designer dress or Tory Burch flats. Don't I wish!? But, reading many blogs and being in tune with what other girls who are my age seem to wear makes me kind of feel like Oh, gosh, she looks really adorable! I wish I could be that cute. And guess what? They have on a brand new J.Crew top and J Brand Jeans and fancy shoes with all the links for me to follow along and guess what? None of it's on sale! And good for you, if that's what you're able to do. It's not my business and I don't mean to offend, whatsoever! I just wonder if people judge me when I wear something more than like 3 times in a month, so I suppose we're about to find out! I know. I'm wierd and silly. I digress.

For the last few days, I've been thumbing though my closet and mixing and matching different items and making sure pieces are going to coordinate and layer. 

No repeats
No shopping
Wear only what's listed here (with the exception of under camis, tights, jewelry, and scarves, coats) for work/church/dinner dates/outtings.

So here's my mix: 

2 dresses, 2 skirts:

From Left to Right:
Black Dress: Francesca's. Leopard Dress: F21. Yellow Pencil Skirt: CAbi. Brown Pencil Skirt: Celine Paris, thrifted (amazing, I know! similar & similar!)

 1 vest, 1 blazer, 5 sweaters:

Fur Vest: Steinmart. Velvet Blazer: Gap (from highschool!), Magenta & Black Turtlenecks: F21. Fox Sweater: Old Navy (goodluck! Sold out quickly!). Teal Cowlneck: TJ Maxx. Mint Sparkle Sweater: Semblance.

3 Sweater Cardigans:

White Duster Sweater: Old Navy. Pink Cardi: Asos. Aztec Shrug: Local shop in NC (also seen here).

4 tops:

Gingham Button Down: F21. Navy Blouse: Talbots. Red Blouse: Semblance. Polkadot Blouse: Target.

1 Tank:

3 pairs of "fun" leggings:

Cord Leggings: Sam's Club (SERIOUSLY! They are Hue knock offs!), Eggplant leggings: Nine West for TJ Maxx, Liquid "Coated" Leggings: F21 $12.50 & I LURVE them.

3 Pairs of Jeans: 

Jegging: c/o my friend Cassy!, Green Jeans: Francesca's, Blue Jeans: Gap (May be switched out for my pair of A-Pocket 7's. Undecided!) 

5 Pairs of Shoes:

 Cream& Black Flats: Tahari at TJ Maxx. Brown Boots: Macy's. Leopard Peep Toes: Michael Kors at Belk. Orange Flats: Tory Burch. Black Booties: JC Penny clearance. (True story: I got them yesterday because while itemizing, I realized I needed some causal black heels!)

So...that was 30 items! At the last minute, Finley pulled a few other things out and told me to go for 35 and a few more days. Truth: I almost made a rule that I would sometimes include my Uggs. Now, they will really be a part of the mix!

Grey slouch sweater: BCBG. Paisley Top: Michael Kors. Puffer Vest: Target. (All c/o Cassy! She handed off a few things to me last night because she was purging!) Basic Leggings: Bevello. Uggs: Neimans.

1. I have 3 pairs of basic black leggings and 3 black turtle necks. I also have a dog who sheds. For the sake of not doing laundry every other day, I'm utilizing my leggings and black turtlenecks. That's OK, right??
2. I have a cocktail dress that I currently own and plan to wear to a cocktail party. I didn't include it here because it's sparkly and too fancy for the mix! 
3. WINTER ADVISORYIf it snows again, I'm allowing myself to break out my Hunter boots. They'll probably come along with me to Santa Fe if it's snowy in town. They're not really practical for every day, but we never know when we may get a mini blizzard.

So, here we go. Stay tuned as I recap here my outfits every few days. Link up and comment if you're going to do the challenge, too!