Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Weekend update & first 3 outfits!

Happy Tuesday! I took a much needed lazy day yesterday, as I worked through the weekend! Sunday we went to church and got a few things done around the house before going to a superbowl party! On top of all that, I've had the crud since last week. I'm feeling on the up and up just as Steven is starting to feel whatever I had. Of course. Anyway, here are my outfits over the last few days! I started 35x35 on Friday. For the record, I am not claiming to be the most fashionable person ever, nor the best picture taker!

NOTE: Posing is AWKWARDSAUCE! But, here you have it.
The liquid leggings and peter pan booties made me feel very rocker-ish. Totally out of my comfort zone, but I liked it! And I swear the shirt dips down in the back so my butt is covered. I PROMISE.

Velvet leggings and Mr. fox.
Finley loves Mr. Fox.

These were the eggplant leggings, but it's sort of hard to tell. I was excited that we found a more casual church service to attend downtown so I didn't have to wear 2 outfits in 1 day!

Saturday & Sunday afternoons consisted of cleaning up our 'catch all' guest room. It had gotten quite messy and we got real organized with paperwork and such. Feels good! I'm not quite done decorating in here, but it's a good start!
 Real life pinning > Pinterest!?!? 

I enjoyed it, at least!

PS- Are you watching The Bachelor!?!? We LOVE it. I think Sean is my very favorite bachelor so far. Tierra is obviously NUTS! Can't wait to see what's up her sleeve tonight! My pick may very well be AshLee, though I also really do like most of the girls this season! 

PSS- Are any of y'all going to Blissdom!? It's in Dallas this year and I've been offered a ticket. I'm so very excited for the opportunity, yet I know NO ONE going. I'm a nervous nelly in deciding to book a hotel and everything. I'd love to room with someone, but if you're interested in going, or if you know of anyone I should link up with, please share! 



Samantha said...

Love your outfits and real life pin board!

Sean used to be my insurance agent when he still worked with his dad, but then he broke off and started his own insurance company! Everyone is obsessed with him but I don't watch it :(

Oh Sunnie Day said...

You look great! I love your outfits. I have a similar black and white sweater from UO it's been one of my favorite pieces for winter



Tammie said...

Go for it..go to Blissdom...even if you go alone...you'll meet new friends!