Friday, January 4, 2013

Friday Frills & January Goals

So my list of 2013 goals was slightly insane. I've wrapped my head around some of my goals and I've initiated a way to break things down! Monthly, I'll focus on adding in a few goals to implement into my  daily routine, in addition to a few 'to-do's' and there will always be something fun in store! As far as the health/faith/and self goals, I can't expect change overnight. I will, however, slowly incorporate healthy habits that I can attempt most days of the week. There will most likely be no home projects for another month or two, so I'll keep pinning away until I'm ready! Annnd in exciting news, yesterday I met the editor of the local magazine here, so I've volunteered myself to work on styled shoots and things like that. I've already agreed to assist a photographer that she works with often, so I introduced myself and told her I'd be up for anything else as well. She said they're always looking for contributers, so she'd love my information :) WoopWoop! 
I'll get to my January Goals after these dreamy images of Friday Frills of Snow and Fur:


January Goals:
1. Whole30 Challenge
2. Walk 30 minutes 5 days/week
3. Start weekdays off by 7:30 with devotional & prayer
4. Scope out a couple gyms
5. Read Blog Inc. by Joy Cho
6. Date Night: West Side Story
7. Initiate game night with friends-we got the new Catch Phrase for Christmas!
8. Get computer fixed
9. Register Finley
10. Update licence & registration to Texas
11. Finalize ski trip plans for February
12. Begin blog gameplan

Pretty sure Whole30 will be quite consuming. Cutting out my love of bread, cheese, pasta, and wine for 30 days literally makes me want to crawl into a hole, but after much thought, prayer, and encouragement from Steven, I'm pretty sure we can rock the challenge. The hardest part is finding recipes I may actually like and meal planning. The easy part is my love for steak and sweet potato, so that will be a great go-to meal.

Sugar Meg