Friday, January 18, 2013

Friday Frills: Bryant Park Designs

I stumbled across the image above (and also from my last post) and had to scope out the source. Enter: Bryant Park Designs! I thought I may share a few other of my favorites. Deb & Becky seem like a great team and their style is right up my ally. If I could cover my house in Chiang Mai Dragon wallpaper and Imperial Trellis fabric, I totally would. Still not over it, yet. Just check out Deb's kitchen/bath makeover. These photos from there portfolio completely inspire me and they just show how much fun you can have with classic elements and pops of color!

What I love about these spaces are the styled accessories and furniture. I love the mixing old & new, whimsy & antique, and comfort & style. I think the key thing about their design is how livable it all seems. Nothing is too stuffy or too serious. 

Happy Friday! Any big plans this weekend? I think we're taking it easy and possibly gathering with friends. We'll most likely be cleaning out our spare bedroom and organizing the bookcases!