Monday, January 28, 2013

You're Invited...A Gift Guide!

If you're like me, your closest girlfriends are tying the knot left and right! Amongst the actual bridal shower & wedding, you may be invited to a stock the bar party in honor of the couple! And, again, if you're like me, you think about that concept and you realize you're supposed to bring them a bottle of liquor? Or wine glasses? That's nothing special, right? So I've come up with an adorable gift guide for the Mr. & Mrs. that will show your thoughtfullness, but won't break the bank for this fun occasion! Obviously, you wouldn't have to include all of this in your gift if you didn't feel it appropriate, but this was for a very best friend of mine and I couldn't make it to two other showers. I went all out, but I think just picking a couple of these things would still be a great idea!

Note: the artwork was not part of the gift. I painted it at wine&design for my own house, however, for the purpose of this guide, consider painting or purchasing a small print for the bride and groom to include over thier bar or maybe for their kitchen!
See herehereherehere, and here for more artwork ideas!

To make it really meaningful--find out if there's a special date night spot they love and frame the menu. If they got engaged somewhere, get artwork that would remind them of that place. Super bonus: if they got engaged while/after/before dining at a particular spot, see if the restaurant can print the menu with their names & engagement date!

This gift included a few goodies from my favorite shop in Raleigh, Furbish! The Highball glasses, the tray, and the cocktail napkins were all found there! (honestly, I feel like the online prices are a tad higher than in store. Don't quote me on that, but I'm kind of stunned right now as I'm looking!) All make for perfect bar accessories, nonetheless!

These were one of MY own favorite shower gifts, so I had to pay it foward! Thanks, Dash!

I LOVED this wine stopper, found at Target! I thought it was the perfect touch of fun.

 For the booze, I found out the groom's favorite liquor and I got him a small pint! For the bride, well, I picked a bottle of wine that was just spot on for her. Hippy. Cool. Middle sister. Perf!

 A few other favorite gift ideas include: 

Have you heard of these candles!? Rewined is a company out of Charleston, SC and Steven & I had the pleasure of meeting the makers behind these recycled wine bottle candles several years ago at a festival. We stocked up because we LOVED the scents. I recently sumbled across them here in Amarillo and got so excited! Locals: they can be found at Pete's!

A set of stemless wine glasses--monogrammed! 

Tortiose Shell highball glasses & an ice bucket (Both Etsy finds!)

Chic accessories from Society Social :

And another favorite-A monogrammed wine cooler, stocked with celebratory wine/champagne for the wedding night, 1 year anniversary, and 5 year anniversary! Bonus: get wines from the couple's favorite winery/vineyard! Extra Bonus: customize the wine label!

This tote is great for picnics, of course, too! 

I found these on pinterst, but the link was not working :( I love how they roll and can be used in many situations!

If all else fails, y'all :



megan said...

We're having a stock the bar party thrown for us next month and oh, how i wish i could email this post off to the attendees! :) haha, i will refrain though.

Kaki said...

Such great suggestions! Love them all! I have a friend getting married next month and I'm so thankful for this inspiration for her gift!