Thursday, April 5, 2012

A little CAMPAIGNING + desk for SALE

You could say I have a problem. Hopefully I won't show up on the show "Addicted" or "True Life," but here at the H house, I'm probably one desk shy of being featured. So here's how I got myself into this one...

Because I've started working a little bit from home, we have prioritized our home office project. Not being completely satisfied with the charming desk that we have, I had it in my mind that I would create a closet desk space in addition to refinishing our current desk. I love the little desk, but it's not practical. The drawers are tiny and it's a little too classic looking for my taste. Don't get me wrong, its adorable and it was Steven's grandad's (so we can't sell it), but I'll find another use for it later in life. I also desperately want to paint it, but that bad boy is lacquered!
Please excuse the crazy mess!

Well, not that I was looking for anything new, two weeks ago, I stumbled onto MaryMac.Vintage on Facebook and she posted a campaign styled desk with wicker drawers! Pretty awesome! I went to take a look and fell hard for it, even though it definitely needed a paint job! The brass will need to be polished, but I love it! I told my husband about it and he swore his coworker, and my friend Caroline, would be able to find one at a better price for me. I didn't listen. I didn't want to take my chances of losing my little gem! But, per usual, he was right and Caroline found a campaign desk for me last night at a fantastic price. I bought it, too. I think I love it even more than the MaryMac one. Lesson learned. Patience is always key. 

So, yes..that's THREE desks that I currently own right now. Quite a dilemma! And while I can't sell the family heirloom desk, I will be selling one of these two campaign desks. I'm leaning towards keeping the biggest one so if you're interested in the smaller white one and in the RALEIGH/CARY area, message me and I can paint it for you as well, or sell it as is. If I don't have any messages, I'll be selecting a color (robin's egg blue or kelly green?!) and painting them (over the next few months weeks) then selling one on craig's list. Then I'll be left with my fancy painted campaign and the heirloom desk which will return to my inlaws for the time being. Whew! 

Any takers?

PS : Speaking of patience...I've been frustrated over finding the perfect lamp for our bar. Nothing had seemed quite right over the last few trips I've made to Homegoods or home shops so I blew off my hunt. This past weekend, I was introduced to a new consignment shop and found this one...
At $50, it was kiiind of a risk because there were no refunds and, let's be honest, the lamp is kiiiind of ugly on it's own...but at the same time, I had the vision in mind! 

It matched perfectly with my living space and once I get the artwork figured out and find a new lampshade, I'll be good to go!


Unknown said...

I love your eye for design! Great finds. I'm after a campaign desk myself. :)