Friday, March 30, 2012

Rounding out the first year...

and that's KIND OF a BIG deal around here.

A little over 10K down in 14 months (from when we were in the process of our FPU class), just in time for our 1 year anniversary! All debts but the mortgage are paid. We'll work towards the house with a vengence once we get past the next couple of baby steps.

 Proverbs 22:7, "The rich rule over the poor, and the borrower
slave of the lender

I know money can be a touchy subject for some. I'm not here to tell you what to do with yours or that you shouldn't be in debt. Some people actually believe debt is a good thing and I have my opinions (like, you don't need credit if you have cash$money, honey!), but I'm not here to argue. However, I will say that Dave's principles clicked with us in a way that brought us together for good things. Have I ever been rich? NO. Is that the goal? Well...maybe, eventually!  Why? Because we want to create financial peace within our family and we want to leave a legacy to our children. We want to give to causes we feel strongly about. Do I feel bad about that? NO. I'm actually excited! Why do some feel so negatively towards the wealthy? Beats me. But there are some wholeheartedly good people out there who are generous for the sake of being able to be. It's all about sacrifice for the greater good. We've been spending wisely, giving graciously, and saving all while enjoying the ride and being present and grateful for where we are now.
A credit card bill and a car payment is just going to SLOW US DOWN.
IF we I can do it, YOU can do it. BELIEVE me! 

Y'all can hopefully hear our debt free scream on Dave Ramsey LIVE today!



Kristen Marie said...

Congratulations! Such a good feeling!
I've been reading a lot of Suze Orman lately! Love her!