Sunday, March 11, 2012


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 Tammy hosted us last weekend in Wilmington and Cam joined us for lunch one day...I should probably point out that these two men here were total heros and troopers as they helped a drunk homeless man out of the middle of the road. He had fallen down. In the MIDDLE of the street. They attempted to pick him up. Homeless man's pants drop for ALL of us to see where the sun don't shine. Cam and Steven drag his pants back up, assist him to the sidewalk, sit him on a bench, then proceed to a restaurant to bathe in hand sanitizer. Quite the afternoon!
 Piper was our sidekick all weekend long.

 BillBob's Birthday, celebrated at the Oceanic. One of my favorite spots!
I've been having wayyy too much fun with photo apps for the iPhone.
 We're 1 month away from the BIG 1 YEAR! What should I get Steven???

finally added my cloissone to the bookshelves. Did a little rearrange.
Spruced up the table for Spring:

best. snack. ever. or dinner, if you're me..but hey, if it's on the stove, it counts as cooking, right?

Hope y'all had a great weekend.